Blood and Faith

Welcome to Blood and Faith.

These are the two foundations of culture.   These are the twin pillars of communities.  Without these foundations, there is no meaning.

The Left has a faith.  Part of their faith is to deny that it is a faith.  They claim it is “scientific materialism,” but it is neither scientific nor materialist except when it is convenient for them.  Marxism, socialism, social justice progressivism is  more than a faith, it is a hard core religion that demands total submission and obedience.  That faith is worse than wrong — it is evil. It dehumanizes those within it.   

All believe, even if they don’t think they believe and take their cues from stories that are told.  Legends, literature and lore create the foundations of our lives.  Even a “scientific” world view depends upon a creation myth — the idea that somehow life emerged from non-life and somehow entropy consistently  works in reverse. Continue reading “Blood and Faith”