God hated Babel

Kids are smart and I don’t talk down to mine. I ask them questions, like, “what is racist?”

“Dad,” one son said, “when you call someone a racial epithet, that is racist.”

“OK,” I reply, “but what raises the use of a racial epithet from rude or inconsiderate or boorish to ‘racist?’  Racist is a  special word — it is the unforgivable sin in our culture.  Why is calling a man an epithet worse than killing him?  And, why can Negros call negros the ’N’ word but others may not?”

To dear daughter I asked, “do you believe it is right to impose your morality of someone else?”

“No,” she replied, “of course not, that’s just wrong.”

“Well,” says I, “isn’t that statement — that you just made — a demand on others that they conform to your standard of morality?”   She walked away.  They don’t learn much in school these days.   But they are learning a lot from me.  She got the point.

Judgement, discrimination and intolerance are non-optional components of intelligent human beings.  The concept of ‘intolerance as a morally intolerable’ is is shallow enough that even ninth graders see the inconsistency.

Our society imposes a harsher moral demands than the old Puritans — if one breaks  codes agains “racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia”, one is exiled: jobs are lost, promotions go to others, web sites are suspended, and students are expelled from school.    If one engages in violence against whites or sodomy, it is celebrated as bravery and virtue.

Thought crimes are the most heinous act of this rotting society — all conventional vices (homosexuality, adultery, rioting, vandalism) are community sports and acts of heroism if done in the name or spirit of the decadent Left.

Preferring one’s own white blood lines is considered the lowest form of vice in this culture.  (Bragging of one’s blackness or latino ancestry — along with tendencies toward sodomy — are considered virtues!).

Call me depraved.

My own blood — my progeny and ancestry — is more valuable to me than anyone else’s.  I prefer my blood to that of others, my children to those of others, and my ancestors to those of others.   This is common sense.

It is one thing to give one’s blood for another — that is virtuous.  But to prefer another’s blood? Never.  To accept it as equal? Never.  Not even Jesus Christ accepts another’s blood as equal to His own.

My children will always be more important than yours.  My fathers and father’s fathers shall always be more important to me than your ancestry.  My cousins and their cousins and their cousin’s cousins will be more important to me than your blood.

You ask me to apologize for this?  Never.  I am a son of Japeth — a European.  I am not a son of Ham, nor a Caananite (whose descendants would become slaves to the sons of Japheth (Europeans) and the Arabs (sons of Shem).  See Genesis 9:25.

Why would anyone apologize for the blood line God gave them?  Don’t be let other’s demean you (white privilege! Racist!) because you are a son of Europa.   Never apologize.

Would a black man let you call him the ’n’ word to his face without challenging you?   Then, why do you allow someone to dehumanize you by call you a ‘racist’ to you face?  Calling someone a racist is an act of dehumanization — it reduces them to subhuman — it is a weapon — it dehumanizes and delegitmizes, removing them from societal protections and obligations of decency.

The greatest threat to proud white sons of Japeth is the idea that such identity is evil.  The Left signals  evil by calling things ‘racist.’  The term racist isn’t any more or less legitimate that the ’n’ word.  If one is bad, both are. If one is legitimate, then so is the other.

The beginning of white identity is the rejection of the term racist.  To argue that one is ‘not racist,’ is to lose.  That moral concept must be totally rejected.  It’s not even in the Bible!

It is OK to reject rudeness, disrespect and boorishness — it is not OK to equate favor for one’s blood line to the unforgivable sin.  Rejecting that entire concept is critical to white nationalism because this sin can only apply to Whites.   Enough already.

The storm is here. Everything is being torn apart. Humans are being atomized— neither male nor female, European or African, Christian or Moslem, Virginian, Texan nor New Englander.  This is not right.  Loyalty to a football team is the best the Left will give you.

God gave you male and female — comport yourself accordingly.

God gave you blood lines and family, tribe and nation and language.

God apportioned the nations (blood lines) and their times and boundaries.

Wiping them all away and blending them is not an act of virtue, it is an act of dehumanization and rebellion.  God hated Babel, where all were to be “one people” and I think we should, too.

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