I Love Being WhiteThe Left isn’t intellectually honest enough to give a fair hearing to their opponents — they never have been. Anyone going through the university system should know this — they create words and terms that are vague enough (like ‘racist’), get people to believe in their validity, and then challenge people to prove they aren’t evil racists.

“Fritz, you’re a white guy. You want strong borders. You don’t like those little brown people from the south. You’re a racist and a Nazi,” I was told by a colleague.

In graduate school, where collegial discussion and freedom of thought are respected NOT! this she-devil spit at me across a table, “You’re a racist misogynist Nazi!” Why? Because I suggested that not all people used the term “lady” as a way to keep women down.

No one objected to her hate speech, which is exactly what calling someone a racist is.

It’s time white historically Christian males stopped apologizing for who they are and started striking back rhetorically against their accusers. To not respond is cowardice; silence is a betrayal of yourself, your ancestors and your progeny. You’ve heard of Gay Pride? Why can’t you have “Straight White Christian Male Pride?” Are you afraid some little twerpy thing is going to call you a dirty name? Like racist? Get over it.

Meme’s strike back; it infuriates the morally superior because memes can’t be criticized, which is the very tactic they play against us (“How dare you claim you’re not racist — you’re White!”)

Here’s my answer:

This isn’t something can be argued with logically.
It really is OK to be White.

Decades ago the homosexual community started saying the same thing. No one whined “that’s hate speech!” But they do to you, White Man. So man up, arm yourself with some memes and go kick some ass.

(If you are too scared you might “offend” someone, you need more help that I can provide.)

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