They Are Coming For You, Church

Forces on the move will crush whatever is left of the Christian Church in America unless it wakes up. All the Leftist who rail against “hate” and “racism” are going to strangle the Christian church as soon as they are done strangling any person proud of their European bloodline or their Southern Heritage or who dare to declare that marriage is between a man and woman only. They are coming for you, Church. Stop acting so pious and pretty. Stop pretending that you can’t be sullied by the issues of the age. Too late!

They are the forces of hate — the Democrat Party, thePress, the Universities and Professors, the SPLC, Dead Mainline Churches who hate the “haters.”

They use the rhetorical lever of “racism.” It is slander used by the people who claim to be tolerant but by their words and actions show that they are lying.

They have no tolerance for the Christian people or ideas upon which this country was founded — they have endless slander and hatred toward anything that smells of George Whitfield or John Calvin or Billy Graham or Charles Grandison Finney. They demand that the Church neuter itself, that the Church become Unitarian Universalists preaching a false gospel of universal acceptance.

The only force in America left to keep us from sliding totally over the abyss of totalitarianism, wrapped up in socialism, is to awaken the sleeping Church.

I confess, I have sought non-confrontation most of my life. I’m not interested in confrontation or controversy or fighting for the sake of fighting. But somewhere along the way I realized that there is no place where Satan will be satisfied — he and his disciples want it all. And there is nothing you can do short of kneeling down and licking their boots that will make them happy — either you shout their false gospel from the rooftops or you are their enemy. Many churches have joined them; most of the rest are silent.

The Church fears Satan more than Satan fears the Church.
The Church fears the Left more than the Left fears the Church.
The Church fears being called bad names by Satan’s evangelists and prophets (mainstream Op-Ed writers and University Professors) more than the world fears the rebuke of Christian Preachers.

This is a war. This is a war for defining what is True and setting the parameters for what can be spoken and what is impermissible. The Left shuts down speech contrary to their world view and they advocate violence against dissent. You don’t believe me? See the video below. And realize that Richard Spencer is just a placeholder for anyone who dares speak agains their ideas of universal tolerance and acceptance.

Spencer is a placeholder for anyone who dares speak against homosexuality or Islam or any White person who is proud of their own ancestors.

I am proud of my Christian ancestors and my Christian offspring. I favor my own over yours. If you insist that we be enemies, then so be it. I will not surrender the Christian heritage of my ancestors and I will never apologize for raising my children to fear God.

They slander those who dissent as racists, white nationalists, and homophobes.
Wake up church — they are coming after you! Don’t think you are not on their menu!
(And if you are not, then you aren’t worth saving anyway.)

How ironic that the social mores of this nation once came from the pulpits; now many pulpits are but a reflection of a fallen world.

Don’t be fooled by calls for violence against “white supremecists” and “racists.” They are coming for you, Church. This is the dividing line and this is their tactic. Hillary Clinton public linked MAGA with White Supremacy/racism and the evangelists of the Left (the major news outlets) picked up here pronouncement and broadcast it around the world. She echoes B. Hussein Obama who spoke down to those who cling to their guns or religion with “antipathy to those who aren’t like them.” (B. Hussein Obama, it is YOU who have antipathy toward those who don’t think like you! What a hypocrite you are!)

Banks Shut Down Accounts of Dissenters and Christians

Don’t think they are stopping with Richard Spencer — he’s a straw man, a place holder for anyone who is “intolerant.” And, there is nothing wrong with being proud of one’s own blood line — and that is in the Bible. And not all blood lines are equal — that is in the Bible. And not all blood lines will be saved — that is the core message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Great Accuser has found a lever to finish off the Church. He has convinced America that there is no greater sin than racism, and he has convinced the Church of this as well. He is now springing his trap and demand churches silence themselves of their “hate” and “intolerance” when preachers teach what is in the Bible.

So the fight is here.
Stick your head in the sand if you must, but this is where the battle is.

  • Dissent comes when a man says “marriage is between a Man and a Woman only.”
  • Dissent comes when a man says “Islam is Anti-Christ.”
  • Dissent comes when a man says “Only by the Blood of Jesus comes salvation from hell.”
  • Dissent comes when a man says “The Ten Commandments belong on the walls of our public schools.”
  • Dissent comes when an elected representative prays in the Name of Jesus Christ and is railed against by the world.
  • Dissent comes when a man refuses to shut up because he might “offend” the ideas offered up by Satan.
  • Only from the pulpit can the hatred of the Left be countered.

    Neutrality is not an option and staying out of the battle will lead to your death.

    Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.

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