Cambria Has Not Yielded — and Never Will!!

So glad to see a brother strike back from a pagan’s blow: Cambria Will Not Yield is in force after a de-platforming attack.

Quotes from CWNY:

CWNY: “White people thrived under monarchies, and they have committed suicide in the democratic era, so I have no desire to see a democracy anywhere in the European world.”

(BAF says: “I’m a Monarchist; my King and Lord is Jesus Christ.  His Law, His rule, his Way; no syncretism with atheism.  Christ has no equality with other. The people are incapable of governing independent of the Creator and His Word, the Son of God: Jesus Christ is Lord of Lord and King of Kings.  When the people rebelled the earth swallowed them up.  So may it be today with the people and their Satan worshipping priests/prophets/professors in the universities.”)

CWNY: “White liberals try to conquer by assimilating the other atheistic religions denominations into his own denomination.”

(BAF says: “True, true, true.  The Liberal order mimics Nebuchadnezzar who allowed diverse customs as long as they bent the knee to a pagan empire.” Daniel 3)

CWNY: “You cannot defend a King [the Lord Jesus Christ] without defending His Kingdom [the bloodline who put the Cross on their banners].”

CWNY: “Let us be clear about old Europe and the brave new world we are facing.  The central event that created and sustained the European for centuries was the incarnation of Jesus Christ.”

Cambria Will Not Yield!



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