Race War

Race War.  This is something White Americans are horrified to talk about.  Because to contemplate a race war is to admit that racial differences are a fundamental component of human identity. 

To self-identify as a White — which I did not do until my later middle age — is a revolutionary act.  Whites are terrified of identifying as White.  Because to do is is to reject their own secular religion that says ‘we are all one.’

Only Whites are told they cannot have a racial identity — because if they have a racial identity they are called “racists.”

The propaganda machine in the United States — from the public schools to the press oligarchy — have convinced most Americans that off all the sins in the world, “racism” is the unforgivable sin.  And that the only people who can be “racists” are Whites; and that a White cannot ever free himself from the guilt of racism.

Whites must reject this guilt manipulation and must do what every other racial group in America has been told to do: Accept who they are, be proud and work together to strengthen their position.

Blacks are encouraged to identify as Black. African-American. Black Lives Matter.  Alpha Phi Alpha.   National Associate of Colored People. United Negro College Fund. Black Entertainment TV.

Hispanics are encourage to celebrate their race — literally “La Raza.”  They have their own racial homeland project called M.E.Ch.A. (the Student Movement for a Chicano Homeland called Aztlan).  The government of Mexico advances the idea of a Latino and Mexican identity within the United States — they cultivate that racial identity to Mexico’s benefit and to the detriment of an ‘American’ identity.

Jews have their own fraternities, their synagogues, and most importantly, their own racial homeland.  And to speak against a Jew or a Jewish idea is to equate oneself with Hitler.  Like the Mexicans, Israel advances the idea of a Jewish-Israeli identity amongst Jews in the United States. 

But for a White to say “It’s OK to be White,” is to self-identify as a Nazi.  It’s really a terrible place that Whites have allowed themselves to be pushed into.

Whites are beginning to wake up to this fact and they aren’t real happy.  They’ve been called all manner of evil when their greatest sin was probably to encourage the non-White immigrants to   demonize their White hosts.  This is what White folks got for opening up their borders and welcoming others in.

Whites forbid themselves to self identify as Whites because they sought a Nirvana,  a global harmony, a return to Babel.  But Babel was a lie from the beginning. This new Babel (Babylon) was created with its own seeds of destruction. And as it does, the idea of an ‘inclusive America’ ceases to be viable.

If Whites do not do what every other people group does, then the Whites will simply vanish as a people group.  Which is the goal of the open borders crowd. That’s really what they want. It’s called genocide, except it’s done over the generations.

Everything the Left condemns the Whites for is exactly what they are doing to Whites.  Genocide over the generations, racial self-hatred, and eventual extermination.

Whites are targeted, in particular, because it was the Europeans who spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the rest of the world. Europeans served Jesus Christ more than any other racial group. The current curse of the Whites is that they rejected Jesus Christ — their salvation can only come with a return to Him. This will be their salvation.

The preservation of a European people requires them to believe that their ancestors and offsprings are uniquely priceless in the history of the world.  Whites must be willing to sacrifice now for the growth of their greater family. God created a race of White men — they descended from Japeth. God will reward, at the Judgement Day, those who sacrifice their own lives for others — which is what raising children is.

White men must re-embrace the God of their Ancestors — Jesus Christ — whose symbol is emblazoned on many of their flags.   Apart of this, Whites have no future.

But they will return to their God.

War is coming.
The war will be more than an exchange of words.
Wake up, brothers.
Believe in your fathers.
Believe in your sons.
Believe in the God who believes in you.

The flag of your ancestors was no accident.
It calls you back.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
6 December 2019

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