Video: How We Destroy Babel

Babel is a recurring theme in history — it is the impulse to control all mankind under a central and anti-Christ government.  Understanding Babel is central to understanding the course of history, especially in these days of a “new world order,” and “international cooperation.”

God hates Babel.  He hated it then and he hates it now. It’s spirit still seeks control.

Daniel fought against Babel.  The Christians in the Roman Empire became human torches as they resisted that global Borg.  But from their faith and resistance Christian Europe was born.  The book of Revelation illustrates how, even at the end, Babylon (Babel) defies God, and yet is completely destroyed.

This video excoriates some of the sacred beliefs offered by the Babel-onian system.  And it explains that the purpose of the Great Commission is the establishment of Christian Nation-States.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
15 May 2020

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