Happy Independence Day — Time For Another

Happy Independence Day.  I think it’s time for another.

Disbanding the Police is real — it is the defeat of an institution that has worked to preserve — however imperfectly — and order based upon the U.S. Constitution.

Disbanding the police means exactly what they are saying — disbanding the existing police forces.  Not downsizing — disbanding.

But it does not mean there won’t be armed forcing running your cities.

And it does not mean that the rural areas are safe.  See here.  And here.

Disbanding the police  is a quick victory by the Left  to remove what Americans know as “normal” police forces. But it is not an abolition of force — it will be a replacement of one force by another.  The new force will be loyal to “social justice,” their purpose will be to violently crush “structural racism,” which is purposely ill-defined — it will mean anything they want it to mean.

Generally speaking,  “structural racism” means the heritage of European Christians and English political theory. It means individual rights and limited government that favored English Christian colonists.   This is a race war and it is a religious war.  The Whites who are on the side of the social justice warriors  are like the victims of the Borg who have already been assimilated — they are lost.  

The  anti-body against atheism/marxism has always been Christianity.  

  • This is why the French Revoultionaries went into the Vendee to kill Christians. 
  • This is why the Soviet communists made Christianity illegal and took children away from Christian parents. 
  • This is why the Chinese Communists only permit a false form of Christianity  — churches that are fully suborned to the Chinese Communist Party.  
  • In the United States, the only form a Christianity that will be permitted is “woke” SJW “Christianity,” whose loyalty lies not with Jesus Christ — they wrap the Cross in a Rainbow flag.  They may claim to serve God,  like the Jews did in Jesus’ time, their heart is far from Him.  

The previous President (BHO) tried to get an “alternative” armed force funded  — Congress balked.  This time around your local democrats seem to be leading the charge.  They require armed force to impose “fundamental change.”

The local police forces would have resisted the outright destruction of the constitution had to be replaced — this is what is happening.  The younger generations have already been told that the Constitution and the U.S. is a “racist” regime.  Their job is to replace it with a politically loyal force — enemies of the U.S. Constitution. Enemies of Christians.  Enemies of unapologetic nd unreconstructed Europeans.

It is not possible to have an unarmed state — someone will be violent. 

  • In Mexico it is the army and the cartels.  
  • In Cuba it is the army and secret police.  
  • In Russia it is the secret police and the army. 
  • In the United States it was supposed to be “the people” who were armed against an overreaching government. 

The English colonists where  “the people” who overthrew the British with their personally owned weapons and private militias.  This is why the right to keep arms and to bears arms is enshrined in the Constitution itself.  This is why the “militia” is explicitly NOT controlled by the government — that defeats its purpose as a counter-government force of “the people.”

The new armed force — whatever they may be called — will be guided by people that hate the U.S. Constitution.  The foot soldiers will be a colorful lot — but there will be the hard-core totalitarian in charge behind the scenes.  They will put up a show of a “rainbow” coalition.  

But it will be the iron fist enforcing policy and crushing dissent like we have not seen in the United States since our Civil War. 

When a few useful idiots figure out what is going on and speak up, they will be accused of being a racist, a reactionary, an enemy of the people, and permanently silenced like all free-thinkers are in totalitarian societies.

This is nothing new.  Cuba was the same.  Castro duped most of the middle class — they helped him take power.  And then they saw him for the monster that he was and it was too late. 

He put dissenters up against the wall and the middle class fled to Miami.  The Cuban expatriots in Miami thought he would break quickly ousted — like he was some passing fad.  But it’s been over sixty years now.  

Silly white people.
Silly middle class.
Your ideas won’t save you.
You have to put your blood on the line.

The Left is better organized and more highly motivated that the natural bulwark against a communist take-over — Christians.

Like the Cubans in the 1960s, we mostly think Anti-Fa is just a strange thing that will blow over.  Wrong. 

They will put you up agains the wall when you finally revert to your European and Christian heritage.  Why do you do think the term “deplorable” has been normalized? Why do you think Biden was forced to publicly ackhowledge that 10% to 15% of Americans are irredeemable?   

It is in our minds, now.  And when the “not very good people” are taken out it won’t seem strange — the idea had been there for a while already.  

And this is where I am calling Whites to return to their God — to realize that they have an obligation.  They will be held to account  on the Judgement Day.  Jesus Christ is the defense against the Borg of Babel, the Satanic cult of “one world.”  That Borg brooks no dissent.  

If you don’t have faith that your death can having meaning, if you don’t have faith that your sacrifice for your bloodline matters, if you don’t have faith that this is a holy  war for the defense of all that your ancestors sacrificed for— then you simply won’t have the  heart to answer the call.

Oh, you may pretend to fight.  You may wave a flag or buy a gun.  But will you muster when the time comes?

This isn’t a fight for “conservative values.”  See how well that fight went — the Conservatives surrendered and retreated in every single skirmish.  Conservatism isn’t a righteous fight for the defense of your Christian bloodline.    No one will give their life for luke-warm “republicanism” or “libertarianism.”

Blood is real.
Your ancestors are real.
Jesus Christ is real.
Your duty to your descendants ten generations from now  is real.

This is honorable if we accept it —  cowardly if we do not.

This is our time to rise again.
It is the calling of this generation.
Retreat is not an option.
There is not one else coming — it is up to us.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
Independence Day, 2020

PS: Find your leaders. Prove them. Let them prove you. Time for talking is over.

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