One Rule For Them. A Different Rule for Us?

I put a Trump sign up at my house — ten feet above ground and behind a fence, but very visible to the street.  ALL of the other Trump signs have been ripped down be teenagers (or so they say).   Used to be a time in America when we respected each other’s differences and agreed to disagree and abide by the elections.  That’s gone now.  And there is no bringing it back.

What happens when elections are not accepted as the path to power? What always happens . . . violence.  Portland. Seattle. St. Louis. Chicago.  We’ve already crossed the Rubicon.   Thinking things are going “back to normal” is a fantasy.  Urban violence is the new normal.  Dehumanzing Trump supporters (by calling the Nazi’s) is the new normal.  

We all (on the Right) peacefully acceded to the results of Obama’s elections.

But Trump won and . . . total violence and deep-state undermining of a duly elected President.

One rule for them. A different rule for us.

Don’t feel bad about it.
Embrace the real world.
Recognize it.
Re-adjust your reality around these new facts.

Build your tribe.  

Own your own territory . . . no one comes in without your permissions. Could be your yard. Could be your city block. Could be your county.  Strong men must unite and start being men  again.

The District attorney’s have been corrupted and the big city majors and the Democrat governors. Build locally.  If you live in a Socialist zone you’ll have to submit to their violence and they will eventually take it all from you (especially if you are White).    Just time to recognize the new reality and stop pretending that someone will come rescue you.

They didn’t build their revolution on hopes and dreams. They organized. They taught.  They trained. The built coalitions and spread lies/progaganda.  It took a lot of hard work.

It is true that much of their organizational efforts were bought and paid for by YOUR TAX dollars.   This is what happens in universities — Marxist professors took over starting in the 1960s  — they are tax payer funded. In government and corporate agencies they take the Marxist talking points (‘white privilege’) and turn it into HR policy.  To disagree is like disagreeing with the Pope — it is sacrilege (or worse, ‘racist!’). 

We are in a new time with a new religion — the Global Cult.  The Cult leaders are totalitarian statists paired with corporate oligarchs and the university systems. Their   morality that cannot be questioned (Thou Shalt Not Be: racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, queer phobic, xenophobic, intolerant, divisive or anti-semitic!).   They  have zero tolerance for people like us.  

The biggest key to your freedom is realize the Cult that wants to own you — realize they are jamming this new man-made morality down our throats.  That’s the bondage.  

And spread the word.  And we build our tribe. And we fight for our freedom.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
6 October 2020

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3 Responses to One Rule For Them. A Different Rule for Us?

  1. susansaumell says:

    Wow. Fritz. Not a happy vision, but am realizing it is coming to pass, inevitably…