The World We Built

The World We Built

The world we built snapped shut like jaws on a bear trap — sudden, violent and tactless. Warnings abounded, but we were told “you are imagining things. That’s a conspiracy theory. You’re another whacko if you believe that.” So we chose to close our ears and eyes for another moment of thoughtless bliss.

Our every movement is tracked. We pay to be spied upon with our “smart” phones. All the promises that Big Brother won’t track you were lies, and we knew it. Dissidents are persecuted, murdered, jailed, exiled and condemned. Freemen (I say this in jest) are afraid to stand in support of Julian Assange or Edward Snowden. They TOLD us what we already knew but were unwilling to hear — the government lies. They spy on you. They don’t care what the law is or the Constitution or any semblance of “rights.” Every wrong is justified by fighting some evil of “terrorism,” or “extremism.” And it turns out that WE have been the extremists all along — those who dare think for themselves, who decline to drink from the poisoned chalice of the Main Stream Media (even to use such a term is proof of insubordination and dissidence which is the only proof they need of calling you an “extremist.” )

We are all domestic terrorists now. Every one of us.

Those seeking privileges from their hidden masters holler the loudest; denouncing their friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors as “extremists,” guilty of the proof-less mind-sins of bad think, us who are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, queer phobic, intolerant, divisive and anti-semitic. And if that’s not enough, being straight. Being white. Being male. There are new words for all these things (non-BIPOC, cis-gendered hetero-normative) — new words of control designed to obfuscate, not to clarify or define. Truth does not have a place — it is just nowhere — lost in a hurricane of chaos, madness, darkness, illusion.

Government entities demand we report each other to the “appropriate authorities.” Children from the youngest age are taught to accept control, lockdowns, tracking, monitoring and psychological control. Resistors are branded in their electronic records, denied opportunities or “fail to qualify” when seeking positions of authority.

We are told — TOLD — to vote. We can choose a bird-feather sandwich or a sawdust sandwich. If we object, we are called deplorable, or radicals or extremist. Once upon a time we could “go ahead and run for office” ourselves. But there is a problem — we had ideas that were not sawdust or bird feathers. And they came after us. Since there is only one newspaper in town, controlled by the same mega-corporation that controls the one newspaper in 100 other towns, they smiled lightly and tapped a toe and we were gone. When you offer a tuna sandwich (instead of the sawdust or bird feathers), the newspaper/gatekeeper/Pharisee says, “oh, that Candidate is a (fill in the blank). So you are not permitted to support him.” And the the natural supporters and donors — who may love a tuna sandwich — run from you because the Pharisees branded you as violators of their tradition or precepts (don’t be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, queer phobic, intolerant, divisive or anti-semitic or a hater).

And if you decide to start a third political party (Libertarian, say), you are told ou need to get 7% of the voters to pre-approve your petition to be listed on the ballot next to a D or R candidate. “But,” you object, “they don’t have to do that.” No, they don’t. That’s just the way it is. Sawdust or bird feathers. Those are your choices. Get over it.

British “authorities” now publicly urge Brits (whatever a “Brit” is these days) to report friend, family, and neighbor for having “hateful” thought, or ideas or read books spreading “hate.” It seems to be taken seriously.

How many have stopped and said to themselves, “calling someone an extremists is pretty hateful. Reporting someone to the government for having dissident thoughts is hateful.” Not many. Not many at all because thinking of thinking that way is proof that you, too, gentle soul that you are, are now a suspect in the global terrorirst movement of “haters,” and “extremists,” and “fake-news propagators” that caused all the problems in the world. You must be curated. So you don’t dare think that thought.

To ensure your safety (because freedom is do dangerous) you will be “encouraged” to receive a vaccine of unproven duration or effectiveness with no sure knowledge that is is safe. The government official, with the side of their mouth sliding up as they try to appear serious, say “we won’t make it mandatory.” In the room next door, meanwhile, government officials encourage private industry to “do the necessary.” Food stores now are to become dispensaries for the covid vaccine. Stop wondering if there is a link — of course their is. No Vax – no food. Airports will be the next place to receive a Covid Vax shot. Easy. Convenient. Cheap. No excuses. You have to fly, right?

Want to take a taxi? A bus? It’s for “safety” reasons.

Not that your vote or voice matter. Your vote was stolen with the two party system (which was never a part of the constitution). You tried to secede and form a new government and so Sherman marched to the Sea and destroyed your homeland. Then when the dead started voting a century ago. Add illegal aliens (encouraged to enter by both R and D — the two sides of the same uni-party) as voters and that watered down your vote. Allow billionaires to fund (and control) the election systems (Mark Zuckerberg). Make the vote hackable (Dominion Voting systems).

Encourage Google/Facebook/Twitter/Apple/Amazon/Youtube to “fight hate” by deplatforming dissident ideas.

The idea that Americans deserve the choice of choosing a tunafish sandwich over a sawdust sandwich is a dissent idea — dangerous, extremist and hateful. So it “violates” their terms of service and is obliterated from the public realm.

Cash becomes illegal because it could be used by a drug dealer. Visits to a store require checking the hand or forehead for compliance — submission. Noticing the shutting of the trap is non-conformist. Non-comformists are “haters, deplorables,” part of the “10 to 15% that are irredeemable.”

They laugh at our objections, now. This brave new world built by silence, deference.

Fritz Berggren, PhD

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