Jesus Christ Broke the System – He Did Not Submit to It

Stop looking for solutions from our political leaders. The system itself is unreformable. They control everything. When they indoctrinate from Pre-K through Grad school and control the courts and the media, a few extra votes to put in a dream candidate just continues the deception we are under. Time to really think different.

Christian nations. Up from the rubble. No apologies. We go our own way. Where do we end up? Abram didn’t even know, but he started the journey. The Hebrews didn’t know, but they started the journey.

Rebel Leader One knows. He’s calling us to start the journey. Stand up. Stop hiding behind anonymity. Stop being faceless. The journey begins with personal bravery — moral bravery

We will build a Christian nation. We aren’t looking for compromise. We don’t need to explain ourselves or justify ourselves. We have a King. His Name is Jesus Christ — that is our Rebel Leader One.


Jesus Christ didn’t try to work within the system — He broke the system. He established a New covenant based on His own blood. If he had worked within the system of the Pharisees, no one would have ever heard of him.

It’s time to stop “getting along.” We’ve allowed ourselves to be deceived and have placated our own cowardice by telling ourselves we need to “obey the authorities.”

No more lying to ourselves. The power is in our own hands and hearts and voices. The chains that bind is are of our own making. We need but throw them off and, like the Hebrews of old, march out of bondage and establish our own land and worship our own King — Jesus Christ — under His Rule.

No excuses to the anti-Christs. No explanations. No justifications. Time for the world to hear our War Cry: Jesus Christ is King.

We leave our chains and build a Christian nation.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
31 December 2020

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