Time to say, “No, I will not submit.”

Time to say, “No, I will not submit.”
You don’t need a weapon to say this.
You don’t need permission.
You don’t need a support group.
You don’t need a Plan B if they come after you.

You need courage.
You need honor.
You need will.
You need to act – to speak – to defy.

To defy the evil of the LGBTQ — the slaughter of children.
To defy the endless control they seek over your life.
To defy the lies —
— the lie that existence of the White race is evil.
— the lie that everyone is the same — Jackals and Lions are not the same.
— the lie that there will be peace on earth if we submit to their lies.

Slavery lies that way, and death.
How many times have we seen this in the last hundred years?

Do not submit.

Say “No” when they call you their contrived sins — which are no sins at all.
Their lies are sin — silence before lies is cowardice.

Say Yes to your identity as a child of Europeans — never apologize.
Say Yes to your identity as one whose ancestors swore allegiance to the King, the Son of God.

Anger them by defying them.
Your voice counts more that bullets.
Fear God who can kill the soul — do not fear man who only kills the body.

Defy the ugly church leaders who have bent their knee to the Babylonian king and have in cowardice renounced Jesus Christ as anything more than religious bauble, a trinket of self-centered “forgiveness.” He is King. Now. On Earth. We build a Christian nation to honor Him.

God made our Ancestors unlike the others — He separated the nations to see which one would serve Him. So let us serve Him and distinguish ourselves from all the other races of man. And when other races seek to serve him, we will stand with them, strong against the lies of Babel’s king.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
7 March 2021

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