Civic Nationalism v. White Identity

White IdentityI have a few podcasts that I listen to and one of them is Pandemic War Room with Steven K. Bannon.  He’s an energetic guy, was Trump’s campaign manager and runs a podcast with 40 million downloads so he’s a big deal.  And I have enjoyed his show.  Great info on the 2020 election debacle, the counting corruption, and the Bidens and Chinese influence across Americ

This morning I was listening and he replied to a listener who no doubt loves his show (otherwise he would not care enough to write) who made a comment that went something like this:  “ . . . the illegals immigrants flooding over the border will be paid for by White children.”   

And Steve K. Bannon lost is stuff over this.    So I thought I’d write about it.   

First, the listener was correct. White kids will pay for it in lost wages and lost futures as the Invasion suppresses wages, increases the burden on government services, and generally imposes a burden  forcing American kids to make a way for the illegal immigrants. All true. 

Bannon outrage was with the audacity of the listener to rise to the defense of the White race.  Bannon was hot — he really went after this guy.  Bannon pretends that there  is no White race in one breath while in the next he defends the Blacks, the Hispanics, and the Queers (of all races).  

For Bannon, the Invasion affects all Americans, including the patriotic Hispanics in the border region.  And Bannon was right on that point.  (And the Hispanics in the border region who have been there for generations — I lived there — are more patriotically American that a lot of Whites I know.)  

So, technically they were both right, but Bannon’s  was outraged  that someone would dare defend Whites.  He feels a deep need to distance himself from White identify, but not Jewish or black or Hispanic identity.  Interesting. 


A long time ago I moved to Miami, Florida and was standing in a long line to return a U-Haul trailer.  After half and hour I thought I’d  at least say hello to the person in front of me and I asked her “are you coming or going?”  And she said,  “Oh, I”m leaving.  All these Cuban boat people have made life horrible for us Blacks here in Miami.  We used to have the jobs in the hotel and restaurants and stores — and now we’ve lost all thathas Cuban’s have pushed us out and so I’m moving to Atlanta.”

Fair enough  — Black woman resents Cuban mass migration because it imposes an unsupportable economic burden on the Blacks in Florida. 

Ditto with the mass migration occurring, illegally, on our southern border.  Someone will pay for that, and it won’t be the rich, nor government officials, nor politicians, nor the Corporations. Small businesses will pay and working class people will pay — the very people who have been devastated by thirty years of outsourcing American industry and forty years (since Reagan) of making illegals legal.

I doubt Bannon would have been offended with a Black defending Blacks. But White sending Whites? Bannon just lost it.  I was embarrassed for him.

If Bannon did not show outrage, someone would accuse him of “racism,” and that remains the biggest sin, ever, for Lefty’s and Liberals and Bannon still hopes to bridge that divide.  

Bannon is what one calls a “Civic Nationalist.”  He believes that “we are all one” if we can just unite against the globalists and corporatist and their street thugs and supporters in the Universities.   A lot of people remain there —  I used to be there.  I was a Libertarian for a long time once I got disillusioned by GOP politics.  A lot of us did.

And then something happened — it’s another story entirely — but I simply lost faith that “we were all one” under the banner of the American flag and the Constitution.  That illusion was exploded in my face by leftists calling me a racist for the umpteenth time and I realized that no matter  how firmly I believed we were all Americans, they did not, and there was nothing I could about that.  Nothing would change that. 

I was a non-person to them, a disease that had to be cured, and evil that had to be eradicated.  It simply did not matter how far to the left I swung to find common ground, and no matter  how closely integrated I was with non-Whites.   

And so I woke up.  Like an abused spouse, you’ve just go to face reality at some point and make decisions accordingly. 

Back to Bannon:  Go, Steve — I hope your quest is successful.  But I don’t think it will be.   I’ve walked this walk, I’ve talked the talk.   You are trying to fight the breakdown in America by wishing us all back to  a time when 90% of us where White Christians.  It was a great country then, even for the Blacks.   They had better lives then compared to the semi-African slums of Detroit and Chicago today.  They actually had whole families (Mom and Dad and children) before the 1960s.    And the more you flood this country with dissimilar people the more impossible it will be to find a centralizing theme.

People come to America because it is or was White and Christian — no one comes to America because it is run by Somalians or Muslims or Guatemalans or Chinese.  Really. 

Don’t get me started on the whole homosexual theme, either.  

Once upon a time we were OK with pretending that two forty-year men humping in the closet didn’t exist. Don’t ask. Don’t tell (please!).  But no, that wasn’t good enough for them, and now our children are being molested by the whole LGBTQ agenda. I cannot forgive that,  and I cannot overlook that (unlike the two fags in the closet).  

And then you’ve got the Muslim invasion — some are in Congress.  This is not a recipe for success, Mr. Bannon.  Respectfully.

Whites and Christians are the only people in America demonized for daring to do what every other group does, from Black to  Hispanics, from Jews to Muslims.  We are attacked for  recognizing our unique and valuable existence.  

We are not all one.

And the sooner Whites and Christians (collectively or separately) understand that, the better we can fight for our posterity;  it is our duty — a duty we owe our God and our Ancestors.

Yes, this opens up a lot of questions —  What to do with self-hating Whites? Christian POCs? That is an essay for another day; suffice to say that “Diversity In Not Our Strength.” 

Fritz Berggren, PhD
Colorado Springs, CO
12 April 2021 A.D.

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