Christians Were Given No Right To Surrender America

Drove across Eastern America.
Lush, green, fertile.
A thing awoke in me.

God did not make this land for moon worshippers.
God did not make this land for star people.
This land does not belong to child abusers, queers, mockers, corrupt.

God make this land for those who honor His Son.

Open, our eyes do.
We reject the Accuser’s guilt.
Fearsome grows the anger of our bellies.

We owe no apologies, except to the Owner, the Maker.
We renounce the burden of accommodating the haters His Rule.
We rally to our Sovereign.

We were given no right to surrender this land to moon people and star worshippers.
We repent for cowardice and unbelief to our God alone.
We have no permission to accommodate those who hate our blood, our King.

We have no permission to choose the easy path.

We awaken.
Blood boils.
Steel forms.

You erred, seed of the Serpent.
Arise, we do, and mock you.
We live again.

Your end comes.
His people are known by a new name: Christian.
Your name will be a curse to the nations.

America is a Christian land.
Made for a Christian bloodline.
We have no permission from our King to give way.

By blood and faith we oath our lives to give
To regain for Christian posterity
The land for us gave He to live

Fritz Berggren, PhD
End of April, A.D. 2021


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