Podcast: Become an Anti-Babylonian!

  • The origins of the current Globalization project began all the way back at Babel (Genesis 11).   The good news is that the courageous voices fighting the darkness are not willing to be silenced — dissent is emerging from all sides, including a Jewish Female Democrat.
  • A little on the Great Flood.
  • The Current Global Cult and their Priests,  Prophets and Scriptures.
  • The utter idiocy of accepting the “trans” narrative.
  • Why worship at the altar of “economic efficiency?”
  • Global Debt Capitalism is not our friend — how about a Global Jubilee? A universal debt cancellation would destroy the current system — and they don’t want that.  If they don’t want that, then maybe we should want it. 🙂
  • Globalization has its origins at Babel (Genesis 11). Fighting the new Babel means rejecting “market efficiency” as the organizing principle.



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