Blood, and faith, are the two foundations of culture. These are the twin pillars of communities. Without these foundations, there is no meaning.

The Left has a faith. Part of their faith is to deny that it is a faith. They claim their thoughts are “scientific,” and based on “material” facts. But it is neither scientific nor materialist except when it is convenient for them. Marxism, socialism, social justice progressivism is more than a faith, it is a hard core religion; it demands total, faith, submission and obedience. It is worse than wrong — it is evil. It dehumanizes those within it.

Fritz Berggren

Fritz Berggren, PhD

All believe. Even those who don’t think they believe take their cues from stories that are told. Legends, literature and lore create the foundations of our lives. Even a “scientific” world view depends upon a creation myth; for the atheist it is the idea that somehow life emerged from non-life and somehow entropy consistently works in reverse.

Blood is primary. Without blood there is no present, past or future. There are no ancestors, no self, no progeny.

Blood is who we are, scientifically and materially. That is as much of a “fact” as facts can be.

There is no social life without a shared identity — blood is the baseline identity for all peoples, times and ages.
Without blood there is no community.
Without community there is no strength to protect the family.
Without family, the individual is manipulated and enslaved.

When blood is weak, tyranny reigns.
If blood and faith are strong, no tyrant can destroy that people.

The goal of the Left is to destroy blood and faith so that (Marxist) religion alone becomes master and enslaver of all.

Europeans must reclaim their blood and faith, just as Blacks are proud and hispanics have very strong blood identity organizations (La Raza, Mecha, etc).

Christianity failed Europeans because Christianity was corrupted by another religion: Marxism (which is an offshoot of Judaism in that it is mere traditions and precepts). In the dead and dying Church they don’t know straights from homosexuals, atheists from theists, Muslims from Christians, sin for righteousness.

Christ became an icon of self-pity, hopelessness and submission.
Christianity, in much of the West, became the whore of Babylon. Babylon is that city of Babel where all people’s become one with one language, one law, one lord (who is not the Creator). This is Christianity today. It is worthless.

At Babel, corporate man rebelled agains the express command of God to spread out across the face of the earth. They said “come let us make a name for ourselves lest we be spread abroad across the face of the earth. Let us build a tower into the heavens.” The Left seeks “universal values,” and an international order imposed upon all.

The concept of Diversity was always a foundational lie from the Left — they want a straight jacketed uniformity, and it is being imposed by the totalitarian impulses of western governments and corporations.

God hated universalism then and hates it now. That spirit of Babel lives on in both the Church and the World.

He made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the surface of the earth, having determined appointed seasons, and the boundaries of their dwellings,  that they should seek the Lord, if perhaps they might reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us.
—Acts 17:16-27

From one He made many. Not from many, one. E-Pluribus Unum was the motto for Babel. God appointed the times and boundaries of the blood lines (the nations) so that they would seek the Lord. If they remained one, as at Babel (as the Left would have us today) no nation would have the opportunity to find Him.

Division of bloodlines is good — it preserves the possibilities that peoples (blood lines) would find him and serve him.

Jesus is Lord of every nation. Let Christian nation-states arise!

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.