Evolution = Reverse Entropy

The greatest lies are those most profound. The Great Liar entered the scene in Genesis and deceived Eve. He convinced her she was above it all — able to be the Judge and Jury of all Truth. He convinced her that she need not depend up her Man, Adam, for guidance. And so she fell.

That was the fountain of Satan’s deceptions. His primary target it turning everything in those first ten chapters of Genesis upside down; if he does this, nothing else matters.

Inventing an alternative explantion if existence is foundational to his efforts. One of Satan’s disciples created a story that said, in effect, that life comes from non-life and that entropy works in reverse.

And guess what? We all bought it!

Evolution is a very simple lie. It is not at all sophisticated or complex. It simply turns common sense and known truths upside down and masquerades as sophistication.

The beauty of Evolution has never been that it is “true;” the seduction of Evolution is that it frees mankind from responsibility to the Creator. That is why it is such a powerful and seductive lie. To acknowledge Creation is the acknowledge the Creator — that is a fundamental supposition for all thought, knowledge and accountability.

These are simple lies: Life comes from non-life and Entropy works in reverse. That is the foundation of “Evolution.”

Every eighth grade child is taught that life only comes from life and that entropy is a fundamental law of all that is known about the world.

The Lie of evolution stands, not because it is true — but because it offers man and demons an explanation of existence (as mythical and internally inconsistent as it is) that does not require him to answer to God.