The Real Enemy

]There is an overlooked enemy in this war against Christianity.  It is not the Democrats.  It is not the Republicans, who are more Left wing today than the Democrats were in the 1980s.   It’s not Soros. It’s not the Illuminati. It’s not the illegal aliens.  It’s not the homosexuals or even antics.

It is a group of self-selecting and powerful cult leaders.  Their influence is unspeakably enormous — all the more so because their influence is rarely discussed.   It is so all pervading that we don’t even realize it is there.  They are the heads of a religion — a religion that hates Jesus Christ.

They don’t believe they are religious; in fact, one of the tenets of their religion is that they are not religious.  The bedrock of their faith is that they don’t have any faith.  They do, but they convince themselves and their cult followers that they are above all appeals to faith or belief.  They just KNOW,  and are above questioning.  For to question them is to be a heretic, a foolish and ignorant know-nothing fit for mockery and ridicule.

Like Priests in every religion, they don’t do real work.  They live quite nicely off of a mandatory religious tax — a tithe by any other name.  They are accountable to nobody but “truth,” and since they define what is true (which is the role of priests and prophets) they are above criticism.  

They are the gate-keepers to society. No one can hold a job of any importance unless they have journeyed through years of religious indoctrination under their discipleship.  

Like any true religion, they don’t see themselves as religions — they are just explaining  all of reality  as it really is.

Of course that is exactly what I do in my writings. I’m not a religious person. I don’t believe in religion. I seek on Truth.  And that Truth lies in the Creator and I have taken my cues from the literary corpus inspired by Spirit of Truth.  I just say what is.

And they feel the same way. They would scoff at the idea that they are religious leaders.

We have not wrapped our heads around the idea that they so thoroughly control our thoughts, words, and deed.  They spoon feed us the very knowledge we think we possess.   

Who are those people? Continue reading

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Race War

Race War.  This is something White Americans are horrified to talk about.  Because to contemplate a race war is to admit that racial differences are a fundamental component of human identity. 

To self-identify as a White — which I did not do until my later middle age — is a revolutionary act.  Whites are terrified of identifying as White.  Because to do is is to reject their own secular religion that says ‘we are all one.’

Only Whites are told they cannot have a racial identity — because if they have a racial identity they are called “racists.”

The propaganda machine in the United States — from the public schools to the press oligarchy — have convinced most Americans that off all the sins in the world, “racism” is the unforgivable sin.  And that the only people who can be “racists” are Whites; and that a White cannot ever free himself from the guilt of racism.

Whites must reject this guilt manipulation and must do what every other racial group in America has been told to do: Accept who they are, be proud and work together to strengthen their position.

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Judgment Day is Not Mysterious

It was Thanksgiving yesterday and we had a quiet dinner at home, just the four of us.  Our two older children are on their own nowadays and so things are less rambunctious than a decade ago.

Somehow our conversation got around to talking about God, which isn’t a surprise in our Christian family, especially since I have a passionate interest in the truly deep questions.

And so I started talking about the Judgement Day.  You stand alone before your Maker and give account for your life.  Pretty scary stuff — at least is for me when I think of my own mortality and shortcomings.  I think it is natural to focus on that.

The Judgement Day really isn’t mysterious. No one will show up and say “gee whiz, God, I wished someone would have told me what I was going to be judged on.”  

Everyone knows what they are supposed to do in life. 

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Christian Violence, III

I’ve been meditating on violence for couple of weeks now, and I observe that violence is like a dance. It has beginning, a middle, and an end.  There is a ceremony to it. It requires two parties, at least. More for line dancing.  It can be beautiful to behold and also ugly.

Now I’m not talking about the personal application of kinetic force; I don’t know anything about that.  That’s not what this series is about. Sure, I can shoot a gun —  everyone should have some basics on that just for safety’s sake, just like they should know how to tie a knot, swim, drive a car, and slice a turkey at Thanksgiving. 

I’m thinking about violence as a part of the world we live in.  Violence is a regular and steady component of every civilization that I am familiar with.  I mean, the United States is “that” nation that is constantly at war — we have been at war for more of our history than we have been at peace.  Inside the US, there is constant violence ( I’m not just talking street crimes — those hold no interest to me).  Armed government workers (policemen) and prisons are fundamental parts of our society; America would not be America without our own domestic standing army of “policemen” and the largest prison system, per capita, on the planet.  Those are institutions of violence.  We now have more armed federal civilian government workers than the entire U.S. Marine Corps.  And this does not include state, county and local law enforcement.

But that’s not what this article is about, either. Others can wax quite elegantly about that.  

I want to talk about how the dance starts.

There is a ritual to beginning violence. Continue reading

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Christian Violence, II

It perturbs the secular mind to have a ideology (besides their own) that can justify violence.   Their view of “religion” is that is ought remain passive and open to the advances of secular influence.   As in, “religion is a private matter,” a “matter of faith and conscience.”  Unless a Christian conscience opposes something like homosexuality or abortion and then the Christian is told “not to impose” their “religious” beliefs on others.   So much for toleration — it has always been a one way street.

But the subject is violence.  When might a Christian kill?

Of course a man ought resort to violence in order to defend his wife and children (and himself) from death or severe bodily harm.  Those men who have abnegated this role to the police are very trusting — sometimes it works out.  But mostly the murders take the initiative and by the time the police are called the crime is done, a child or wife destroyed, and an “investigation” may be started.  Once in while they actually catch a criminal, assuming he is fairly low on the social pecking order.

Who is not low on the social order?  Armies, police, cartels, gangs, and hired guns.  These folks almost never see judicial repercussions for killing — it is a “protected” sort of killing for police and the military.  And an unacknowledged practice for other professional practitioners of violence. It  could “businessmen” who compete by killing those who get in their way.  And woe to a policeman who dares challenge their power.

In Mexico most killings are not even investigated.  Do you think communities there have an interest in protecting themselves?  In one town the police were disbanded because they all worked for the Cartel.  So calling 911 is never and option for them.  Imagine that poor trusting Mormon family that was slaughtered.   No one was going to come to their aid.  They trusted and died.

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Christian Violence

Ragnar Redbeard wrote a book called “Might Makes Right” and I could not agree more with that idea.   He who is strongest makes the rules.  And of course that Strong Man is the Lord I serve.

I have written elsewhere that God is not God because God is good, but rather God is good because God is God.  Might Makes Right is simply a corollary of that.   And this ties directly into the legitimacy of violence.  God does not meet some external standard of “goodness,” God sheds goodness and rightness like we shed hair and dry skin.  What is good is a byproduct of Him — Goodness and Rightness  are derivatives of Him, not some universal external (to God) standard.

I wonder at those who interest themselves in asking Christians whether or not they eschew violence.  Because (they imply), a Christian would never impose his will by force.  (As if God would not impose His will by force — of course He will!)

Governments and politicians with police, soldiers, and an industrial scale prison system  rule by, with, and through violence.  For them to ask a somone — “do you eschew violence?” is the cougar asking the bunny if it promises to never defend itself.  

Politicians covet armed guards as symbols of rank  and the might to remain in power.    No President or Congressman that I know of has ever asked their  body-guards  to disarm and stand down.  When they ask citizens to disarm, they seek subjects to rule, not citizens to represent.

Those politicians are not against violence —  they seek their own monopoly of violence — their goal is absolute power through  which they alone define what is “right.” 

Might makes right. Continue reading

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The Racism Racket — Why It Must Be Undermined

This whole concept of “racism” is a set up by the Great Accuser to accuse Jesus Christ of the greatest sin in history — “racism!”

I am trying to undermine the whole concept of “racism.”
I reject the entire presupposition underlying “don’t be racist.”
I laugh at those who try to earn a merit badge that says, “I’m not a racist.”

Anyone who tries to justify himself by saying “I’m not a racist” has already ceded the argument — this very statement presumes  “I agree that racism is the moral standard.”   If you say this about yourself, you’ve already enslaved yourself to a false narrative.

Free men need to liberate themselves from guilt manipulation — everything  can be boiled down to “racism” by the accusers when they don’t like something.  That is slavery.   This is important on its own for a free people, but it isn’t even the most important thing.

Here is the bigger point: Salvation is based on blood line.

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Diversity and Reality: the Non-Viability of Forced Integration

The stark failure of economic Marxism— classical Marxism — in the Soviet Union and China is universally recognized.   There just aren’t many classical Marxists left who want a society that looks like the old USSR nor China under Mao — it just didn’t work.

People woke up.  Nobody that is productive wants to share their wealth with the unproductive. And if they are forced to, history proves that they join the unproductive and nothing works at all.   

The abolition of private property is against human nature and that is OK.

  It used to be, in the earlier days of the USSR, that anyone whispering such heresy would be hauled off to a re-education center to rot for a few years.  They would be stripped of privileges (everything is a privilege in a totalitarian society, even the right to eat and breathe), lose their job, education, home, children and off they would go as someone truly the enemy of humanity, deplorable people, non-citizens.

Flag of London

Flag of London

In 2019 the totalitarian impulse strives not for forced sharing of property, rather it is a forced belief that “we are all equal,” and “diversity is good,” and “we must integrate.”  And a lot of people, perhaps most, don’t even question this, just like most Russians didn’t question Marxism in 1950. For to question is to become a heretic, a deplorable, a non-citizen and to risk assault and the loss of ones education and livelihood.

Yet this moral demand for integration/diversity is as unnatural and unsustainable as the demand for the abolition of private property.  It is truly inhuman.

So let me confess my sins, Comrade. Continue reading

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No Third Way

When I came of voting age I voted for Ronald Reagan. Later I voted for Bill Clinton.  After that I realized both parties campaigned one way and ruled another.  I dabbled in Libertarian ideology and voted for Ron Paul.  None of this, of course, made any difference and our country slid constantly toward the precipice.   

I was enamored, for a while, with the idea of a system safe for all — accepting the various beliefs, and perhaps moralities, of everyone, while creating a solid structure for all.

The course of our country forced me to think deeply about this; and I concluded that it wasn’t possible.  And I was forced to think mostly deeply on what is most important — an earthly order to accommodate us all (not an ignoble goal), or was there something deeper.  

I was forced to the foundations of my life. If God be God, then all the earth should obey him.  And I gave up the idea of a “neutral” structure in which we could all get along.  I do not believe that is possible, although at one time I spent some effort thinking about how to make this work.

Once having resolved that, I have pursued thinking about how to create a new nation states that serve the King, Jesus Christ.

Nations are bloodlines — they are the natural God ordained social order.
A family (Man and wife and children) are the foundation of a bloodline.
Extend that bloodline and you have clan, tribe and nation. Kith and Kin. Continue reading

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Debt Capitalism is Evil

Debt is the enjoyment of pleasure now for the payment, plus interest, later.

Wealth is the denial of indulgence now for the abundance of savings later, plus interest.

Hedonism is the enjoyment of life’s carnal pleasures now.

Fidelity is the denial of one’s flesh for the honor of raising children and grandchildren who are loyal (faithful; from fidelity) to one’s God.

The Western economy is built on debt.
Debt Capitalism.

Capitalism today is founded on debt and the creation on money from nothing. 

At the end of the day, the banking system in the United States, and the western world, is built on a monopolistic fractional reserve debt capitalism that rewards the few who  lend at interest money (that they do not own) and punish those who borrow money to live (the 99%).  

This system rewards hedonists and punishes the faithful.  

“Free enterprise” by no means includes the US banking system. Continue reading

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