The Purpose of Our Time

Regardless of the outcome of this election we will remain in a season of turmoil. The purpose of the time is to turn up the heat on the Church — to give us an opportunity to choose who we will be. For too long we’ve been of two minds — willing to be nominally Christian but unwilling to offend the Anti-Christs. The purpose of this season is to remove bland neutrality as as option.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
30 October 2020

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What if Biden Wins?

What happens if Biden is elected?

Kamala becomes president after Biden resigns because of mental issues.
Kamala immediately pardons Biden and Son for all crimes alleged or otherwise.

Everyone in the Obama administration gets a pardon whether or not they are charged: Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Strok, even Obama.

Gishlane Maxwell will be kept alone in prison until they have time to destroy any evidence — no one is going after the visitors (including Bill and Hillary) to Epstein Island

Anti-Fa/BLM are winning. They will continue to win.
The goal is not to abolish the police, it is to change the composition of the police. Thus, older white officers retire and move out of state. Younger patriots quit. Who replaces them? Anti-BLM activists will be your new beat cops. (Really)

Americans will start rescinding their consent to be governed by these Democrats. They will form own governments and move to more friendly places.

The impossibility of being a “gray man.”
Silence isn’t good enough in totalitarian revolutions — you will be forced to support BLM/Anti-Fa or be punished as a Nazi. Examples.

Finally, I mock those who have sought that soft space of comfort where they don’t offend their enemies. That’s nothing to be proud of. They are not Christians, they are Judeo-Christians. (Rev 3:9)

Fritz Berggren, PhD
29 October 2020

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My children, My Children.

I know a man, brilliant.
Awake at night — sermons to the dark.
Ideas unknown.
Dreams not dreamt.
Visions unseen.

Silent men are dunces.
Useless for good.

Sitting always — wondering why I couldn’t walk.
Eyes shut — questioning why I couldn’t see.
A self-surrendering prisoner of war.
Below a coward — beneath the dead.

Older found his voice.
Fits and starts younger, yes.
Unwelcome thoughts — awkward speech.
Rejected as a Preacher.
Truncated ideas force fit into the conventional, the acceptable.

Not living.
Biologically existing.
Drowning alive.
One year  I swore — let me die.
Childbirth is painful — did that happen?

I write now.

Riches flee I labor.
If one changes I win.
If words strike I am happy.
I draw blood — I smile.
The silent are allies to their enemies — their own prison guards.

I write — I live.
Proud, yes.
The grave welcomes. Smile.  Peace.

Not today — more to say.
When I go I discharge the debt.
The burden eternal.
I write that they live.
My children, my children.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
24 Oct 2020

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The Demon-God of Diversity

There was a belief, once, that like people ought rule themselves.  But we abandoned that idea to worship the god of diversity.  Supposedly newly arrived Somalians are supposedly as “American” as a  New Mexican family whose ancestry is traced back to Christian Spaniards arriving  in the 1500s.  Ditto for the descendants of the Mayflower or those whose ancestor fought on either side of the first Civil War.

Have we learned nothing from the problem of importing entirely foreign peoples into European Christian lands?  Four hundred years of Blacks and Whites in North America and there exists an industry, not the heal the rift, to make  permanent the guilt. They serve the God of Diversity who really is nothing more than a god of chaos, war, anger and enmity.

We abandoned, over the generations, the belief that our ancestors were good.  Their Christian faith is banned from the public sphere and our education institutions deride the colonists.  Their cherished values that have been inverted into modern social sins (racist, sexist, homophobic, queer phobic, transphobic, xenophobic, Islamo-phobic, intolerant, divisive and anti-Semitic).     

There is no longer a universal “us.”  The acquisition citizenship does not create a mystical bond of fraternity that healthy nations require.  We are a hodgepodge of nations  largely guided by heritage Christians of European descent who joined a cult of self debasement.  These heritage Christians, European, address their “sins” by hating their own bloodline as they worship at the altar of “Diversity. ”  

No one owes another man self-abasement.  This new demon-god called Diversity demands that European man alone renounce his ancestors, his Savior, and his land  and his identity. Continue reading

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Americans are citizens. We are not serfs. We are not slaves. We are not subjects.

Once upon a time “we” all agreed to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Today I know of many who swore the oath who and yet loathe the Bill or Rights, especially the 1st, 2nd, and 10th. This includes Federal LEOs, military officers and all manner of civil servants.

If this one overarching agreement is treated with contempt by those privileged to act as Constitutional Officers, they thereby destroy their own legitimacy and forfeit any claim to be obeyed.

Americans are citizens.
We are not serfs.
We are not slaves.
We are not subjects.

If those who believe they rule over us by the power of their office undermine the very
Constitution that grants them power, the are illegitimate — and zero obedience is owed to them.

According to the Constitutional oath, we are obligated to resist them because
they have become enemies of the liberties they swore to uphold.

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Against Judeo-Christianity

As the world abandoned the Light and Life of the Word of God, Jesus Christ, it has descended into darkness and insanity. No where is this more apparent that in American public schools where child abuse is institutionalized — the unspeakable horror of training children to accept homosexuality and the changing of sex and gender is cruelty against our most innocent.  Why should this nation continue? 

How did we get here? We  abandoned the  Scriptures. We thought were were smarter than God. We didn’t like what God said in His Word, so we took it, twisted it, and invented our own precepts and traditions.  

Yes, this is what the Jews did.  They were given the Law of God and yet chose to reject it.  Ditto for Europeans — they were Christendom.  And they accepted the leaven of the Pharisees, subverting the truth.  We have lies, now, for doctrine, just as the Jews replaced the light of the prophets with the darkness of their man-made traditions.

The European “Christians” who led us down the path of poison are long dead, now.  They will face their judgement.   Those of us remaining must recognize the wrong imposed upon us and return to the faith of our Fathers — we must return to the Truth.

That begins with History. Continue reading

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The Destruction of Europeans Is Evil

“The destruction of our bloodline is evil. Europeans must stop walking into the cultural death camps of self-hatred. We must fight those pushing us toward self-extermination. Honoring Our Fathers and Mothers means we proudly bear descendants and imbue them with loyalty to our God, our greatness, our history, and our honor.”

Fritz Berggren, PhD
October 2020

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The Only True Liberty is Christian Liberty — Here Is Why

A summary of how I think about the world from philosophy right down to the idea of Christian nations.  We thought we could have liberty without Christ, but we ended up being terrified of our own unapproved political speech (forbidden thoughts!).  Jesus Christ did not lay those man-made sins on  you — he came to set us free from that moral guilt and bondage. The only true liberty is Christian Liberty — here is why

Fritz Berggren, PhD
13 October 2020

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The ADL and SPLC Are Hate Groups

  • One day waking up and asking myself, “why do I try to appease those who hate me?”
  • SPLC and ADL as hate groups — the Anti-Defeamation League practices defamation — hate is what they do.  THEY are the hate groups!
  • News hires Anti-Fa for bodyguard, bodyguard kills Trump supporter, news says “no news here!”
  • Now is the time to defend our ancestors and offspring.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
Columbus Day, 2020

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Why European Man Must Care

I’ve note here and here  how most people, most of the time, are perfectly content to live under a totalitarian system, being told what to do, what to say, what not to say, burdened, at best, with a system of indentured servitude.   A “modern” economy rides on the back of debt serfs.   The Masters — both government and bankers — own us.  

We play the collective Ponzi scheme trusting blindly that greater fools will buy our house at a greater price, thus rolling over our debt and giving us some shekels to play with, perhaps in retirement. 

This works as long as housing prices are eternally inflated.  As soon at they stop  inflating, the prices collapse and the house of cards falls flat.  The collapse of the housing market is prevented by low interests rates, ever lower down-payments, and an increasing supply of debt serfs (mass immigration).  The debt serfs support this system because they believe that the prices of homes will eternally go up, making them less impoverished than there were before. Continue reading

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