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Why They Hate Europeans. Calling 10,000 Gideons to Rise Up.

The Church has been so considerate of the anti-Christs that is has become worthless and the message they preach meaningless. Time to preach Jesus Christ as King, again. Turn the lights way up and let them howl in pain. Calling … Continue reading

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Good Times Coming for the Church!

The Pharisees and Saducees are still with us today — telling us what we can and can’t say or do because it violates their “precepts.”  Hint — you need to violate their traditions and precepts! Fritz Berggren, PhD 6 December … Continue reading

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Borders Are God’s Idea: Calling out a Christian Nation

Borders are God’s idea — different Nations are God’s creation. The Pope rebels against this. The Pope and “Fratelli Tutti” as “traditions of men,” which equates to the leaven of the Pharisees. Judeo-Christianity as Judaism — betraying the King. University … Continue reading

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Fathers — Anti-Fragile: the Building Blocks of a Strong Nation

The building block of civilization is fathers. They are the organic leader, defender, provider and guide — organic humanity fails without them.  Analyzing how we got into our current civilizational decline and how discussing the building blocks of a Christian … Continue reading

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We Rule Us. Not You.

Our voice is silenced. Our votes are denied. Our cities are burned. Outlaws are protected. The righteous persecuted. The trust is broken. Pitchforks and Parallel Institutions. Fritz Berggren, PhD 6 November 2020

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The Only True Liberty is Christian Liberty — Here Is Why

A summary of how I think about the world from philosophy right down to the idea of Christian nations.  We thought we could have liberty without Christ, but we ended up being terrified of our own unapproved political speech (forbidden … Continue reading

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