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Why Do Christians Seek Approval From Anti-Christs?

Presuppositions — we ALL argue from faith, and bodies of literature; mine are the Hebrew and Greek writings. The cult promotes institutional child abuse. The mantra of the current global cult is “Diversity is Our Strength.” Matthew 1o: Jesus —  not … Continue reading

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Repentance: Undoing Eve’s Arrogance

Bottom line, repentance is undoing what Eve did. Eve placed herself in a position to judge God. She rejected the Word from her husband Adam, was “evangelized” by Lucifer, and decided she could make the decision herself. Repentance is undoing … Continue reading

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The Cult: Your Holy Books and Prophets v. My Holy Books and Prophets

More about the cult you are in. It is a religious system. It has its priests and prophets and scriptures. Compare and contrasts the holy scriptures of your system and mine. In both, faith is inescapable. The centrality of language … Continue reading

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