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The Demon-God of Diversity

There was a belief, once, that like people ought rule themselves.  But we abandoned that idea to worship the god of diversity.  Supposedly newly arrived Somalians are supposedly as “American” as a  New Mexican family whose ancestry is traced back … Continue reading

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Against Judeo-Christianity

As the world abandoned the Light and Life of the Word of God, Jesus Christ, it has descended into darkness and insanity. No where is this more apparent that in American public schools where child abuse is institutionalized — the … Continue reading

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Why European Man Must Care

I’ve note here and here  how most people, most of the time, are perfectly content to live under a totalitarian system, being told what to do, what to say, what not to say, burdened, at best, with a system of … Continue reading

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A Little of Everything

I cover the most recent three articles I have up at boodandfaith.com, which covers the anti-Christ concept of “Judeo-Christian,” a mortgage as a form of indentured servitude, the willingness of humans to live under totalitarian governments, and the origin of … Continue reading

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Jews are Not God’s Chosen People. Judeo-Christian is Anti-Christ.

There is a fashion in Christian circles to attributes to “Jews” the status of being “God’s chosen people.”   This has not always been the case — it seems to have emerged fairly recently in the West, perhaps out of … Continue reading

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