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People LIKE to Live Under Totalitarian Regimes

People living under totalitarian regimes don’t think they are — the think it is completely normal.  People often have no idea they are enslaved.  Fritz Berggren discusses the  nature and character of the totalitarian regime in the U.S. and most … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ —  Our Once and Future King

Having lived most of my life oblivious to schemes of global totalitarianism — unbelieving, skeptical, unwilling — I’m less blind now than I once was. I have noted how the spirit of Babel is resurrecting to impose its ugly totalitarian … Continue reading

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Critical Race Theory

(I’m on vacation. Enjoy)

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The Cult: Your Holy Books and Prophets v. My Holy Books and Prophets

More about the cult you are in. It is a religious system. It has its priests and prophets and scriptures. Compare and contrasts the holy scriptures of your system and mine. In both, faith is inescapable. The centrality of language … Continue reading

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Calling Some “Extreme” is a Targetting Device, Not A Descriptive Term

Stop trying to prove to your enemies that you are not a “racist,” or “extremist.” Those terms are targeting devices. They are not descriptive. The are pejoratives designed to dehumanize you and signal others to attack you. Fritz Berggren, PhD … Continue reading

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