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Message from Rebel Leader One

Message from Rebel Leader One. He has dealt with these Totalitarians before. Rebel Leader One has give us our marching orders. It is time to move out. Fritz Berggren, PhD Bloodandfaith.com Christmas Eve 2020

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Why Do Christians Seek Approval From Anti-Christs?

Presuppositions — we ALL argue from faith, and bodies of literature; mine are the Hebrew and Greek writings. The cult promotes institutional child abuse. The mantra of the current global cult is “Diversity is Our Strength.” Matthew 1o: Jesus —  not … Continue reading

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Election as Symptom: The Problem is We Are Not One People

I am less interested in the details of the election than the election as evidence of an insurmountable split in the identity of those calling themselves American. The East Indians were never one — that manifested itself after WW2 when … Continue reading

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Fathers — Anti-Fragile: the Building Blocks of a Strong Nation

The building block of civilization is fathers. They are the organic leader, defender, provider and guide — organic humanity fails without them.  Analyzing how we got into our current civilizational decline and how discussing the building blocks of a Christian … Continue reading

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We Rule Us. Not You.

Our voice is silenced. Our votes are denied. Our cities are burned. Outlaws are protected. The righteous persecuted. The trust is broken. Pitchforks and Parallel Institutions. Fritz Berggren, PhD 6 November 2020

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Pitchforks and Parallel Institutions

Election Day +2: State officials  think Biden is going to lose.  So they stop counting — and announce three more days of counting.  Additional ballots don’t need to be signed or postmarked.  Could be photocopied by the thousands — doesn’t … Continue reading

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Election Day/Color Revolution Day

Biden never planned to win. The Democrats never planned to win by conventional means — by Constitutional means.  Consider this: Biden ran because he was terrified that if Trump won (again) he and his son would go to jail for the … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Our Time

Regardless of the outcome of this election we will remain in a season of turmoil. The purpose of the time is to turn up the heat on the Church — to give us an opportunity to choose who we will … Continue reading

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What if Biden Wins?

What happens if Biden is elected? Kamala becomes president after Biden resigns because of mental issues. Kamala immediately pardons Biden and Son for all crimes alleged or otherwise. Everyone in the Obama administration gets a pardon whether or not they … Continue reading

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The Destruction of Europeans Is Evil

“The destruction of our bloodline is evil. Europeans must stop walking into the cultural death camps of self-hatred. We must fight those pushing us toward self-extermination. Honoring Our Fathers and Mothers means we proudly bear descendants and imbue them with … Continue reading

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