Christian Nations

There can be not Christianity without Christian Nation-States. The revival of Christian nation-states is required for the advancement of Truth.  That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Great Commission.

Philosophy: There must be an internally consistent way to look at the world, one that withstands the lies and criticism of the evil one, at least to the Christian.

Theology:  There must be a clear understanding of the role of literatures, specifically the Hebrew and Greek writings.  This is the guide to human life and history.

Covenant: The Covenant for the Nations provide a very basic guide on the moral law for nations.   The Ten Commandments remain that moral law.  The Law may not bring holiness before God, but is will always provide a moral guide for nations, and it will always remain a tutor that brings men to Christ. 

Jesus Christ: There is no substitute for the public acclamation of Jesus Christ as the King and Lord of a nation.  It must be specific. Examples include the flags of Northern Europe, and the name of the country of El Salvador.  This isn’t about being good, it is about exalting Jesus Christ as Lord.  This is not a Judeo-Christian project — that is an oxymoron — Judeo is anti-Christ.   

HOW: Preach the Gospel, All of It!

The Church is the only means by which to make this happen.  The minds of Christians must be infected and inspired by this goal.  This is the complete opposite of waiting for the rapture or the anti-Christ.  Christ is more powerful than the Anti-Christ.

How to reach the church?  Same way we have always reached the Church and the world — open up our mouths and speak.  Satan’s greatest ploy is to convince the church that it can’t say anything because it is “racist, sexist, anti-semitic, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, divisive, and intolerant.”  These are Satan’s sins, these are the precepts of men and the traditions of the elders.  These false moralities must be smashed.  Christians should never try to prove they abide by Satan’s moral precepts (“I’m not racist!”), rather they should smash them — utterly reject their validity. Good theology does this with Satan’s false moralities.  But the church is full of cowards (people who are ‘cowed’) who are brow beaten and humiliated into silence.    It is a time for bravery again.

The Church must realize that there is no such thing as a “neutral” order in which we all may get along. This has been part of the deception; the Church looks for ways to get along over preaching the Truth.  Getting along is not possible — ask Jesus.  He was the guy who was murdered by his own people.  And if Jesus couldn’t get along with the Jews, why is it that the Christian thinks they can get along with the Jews, the Muslims, the atheists and the homosexuals? What makes you so special that you think you can do what Jesus could not do?

And if Jesus had zero concern for the needs of a double minority with a special needs child, why do you think you are morally superior to him? If Jesus Christ can call the Jesu the children of Satan, what makes you think you are following a higher moral path that Jesus Christ?

The Church has to reset its moral values to Biblical values— not the precepts and traditions of men.

  We already live in a religious cult where the priests and prophets are the professors in the universities and the evangelists are the public schools and mass media.  The church must recognize this otherwise it cannot set itself free.

There are lots of ways to speak: Blog. Podcast. Video. Books. Public Speaking. TV. Satellite.

The ideas are overwhelmingly powerful — this is nothing more or less that the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ — it is the Great Commission.

TACTICS: Going Viral

The Gospel of Jesus Christ cannot rely upon an organization, it must be viral.  Viral means infectious, uncontrolled and unorganized. People to people contact.  It must infect the Church and the Church will infect the world.

The Church must defend itself.   So far in history Satan has not been able to wipe out Christendom by massed armies.  But now it is even more effective by infecting the Church with the lies of the atheism, marxism, and evolution.  Good philosophy and theology and science and history are the anti-dote for these.  They key is not to convince the skeptic, it is to convince the sleeping church.

With the current state of Christian philosophy and theology,  revival or spiritual awakening is likely to collapse rather quickly because the Church does not have the vision or intellectual tools to take over entire nation-states.   But if we prepared the Church and educate it properly, a Great Awakening will have an effect that lasts through the centuries.

Christianity cannot exist without Christian Nation-States.  

Christians must not allow the anti-Christs to frame this mission in our own minds: The goal is not the preservation or advancement of a ‘religion’ (as they would put it), its the advancement  of the Truth and reality. They are all living in a global cult, a deception. They are in the Matrix and they don’t even know it.  Only Christians can set people free.  If we are to be  faithful to our King, Jesus Christ, this is the minimum of what we must do.  

Fritz Berggren, PhD.
26 May 2020

PS: Gardening is God’s method of trying to teach us that it’s about a whole an interdependent ecosystem. You can’t just throw seeds around — you have to tend the soil. That’s what building Christian Nation-States is.