Monthly Archives: November 2017

God hated Babel

Kids are smart and I don’t talk down to mine. I ask them questions, like, “what is racist?”

“Dad,” one son said, “when you call someone a racial epithet, that is racist.”

“OK,” I reply, “but what raises the use of a racial epithet from rude or inconsiderate or boorish to ‘racist?’  Racist is a  special word — it is the unforgivable sin in our culture.  Why is calling a man an epithet worse than killing him?  And, why can Negros call negros the ’N’ word but others may not?”

To dear daughter I asked, “do you believe it is right to impose your morality of someone else?”

“No,” she replied, “of course not, that’s just wrong.” Continue reading

The Serfdom of America

The world as we know it is ending. Fools, the ignorant, and the rich don’t care. Some of us fall between the gaps here, neither foolish, ignorant nor rich. We worry.

We worry what happens when the happy money runs out. It is a “who is going to pay our paycheck” kind of worry. When the whole fake pyramid scheme falls apart, the rich will retire to their ranches in Montana, their island retreats in the Caribbean and their yachts in the Mediterranean. The rich never go hungry.

The poor will riot and burn and blame everyone but themselves. The rich will try to get the less rich to stamp out the rioting. It will work in some places. In others the cities will burn. Continue reading