Mass Shootings

Been there done that.

I’ve lived in countries and cultures with Zero Tolerance for weapons. Any weapons. Pistols, revolvers, shotguns, single shots, bolt action, semi-automatic.

I lived on the front lines of Mexico’s border zone.  It was and remains 100% illegal for a Mexican citizen to own a firearm of any kind in his own country.

But the narcos have access to rifles, “assault” rifles, grenade launchers, revolvers, .50 caliber machine guns and everything else out there.  The average Mexican is just a potential victim.

Bottom line, if you outlaw weapons (or drugs, or speeding) only outlaws will have weapons (or drugs or speeding tickets).  It’s like outlawing fornication — your good ideas just don’t work in real life.

Three common themes  about mass shootings:

1) They occur in no-gun zones.

2. Youthful perpetrators are likely on powerful drugs prescribed by their doctors.

3) Neither their parents or teachers taught them about the Judgement Day:  They will stand before the Almighty and give an account for murder — and they will pay for it in eternity.  This crime rests as much with the parents and teachers as will the youthful shooter.

No solutions is perfect — I grant that.  Given our current circumstances,  it is obvious that those teachers and administrators who want to be armed and  trained should have the right to be armed.   They are at least as qualified, mentally, morally,  and physically, as the average police officer.  Stop tying their hands  and let them protect their school/community.

There was as football coach in Florda who, when putting his body between his students and the murderer, was shot to death.  We could have given him a chance  by allowing to be armed.

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