No Christianity Without Christian Nations

The Necessity of A Christian State

Summary:  There can be no Christianity without a Christian State.

The Pilgrims and Puritans came to North America and established Christian forms of government — explicitly Christian.

Fast forward to 1789 with the adoption of the US constitution which, though compatible with Christianity, was influenced by non-Christian ideas.

As atheism grew in our churches and universities and became the established religion — what is taught by professors (those who profess) is the established, tax funded religion/world view.     Thus it is illegal to pray in schools.  It is illegal to have the Ten Commandments in public places, including schools.  It is illegal in much of Europe, Canada and the US to criticize sin (including homosexuality) or Islam.

In my children’s school, LGBTQ groups are welcomed but the Ten Commandments are not.   The children are taught that Puritans were evil for imposing their narrow minded morality on others while the state institutions today do exactly the same thing — thought crimes are punished by job loss or expulsion from school.

I attend church (surprising, I know).  I like the preacher — he is a great teacher.   But the realm claimed by the church diminishes each day.  We are reduced to hearing how God loves us and forgives us of our sin.   Which is true.   But what is forgiveness if there is no sin?  Is church just another help-me club?  Afraid of offending and unable to understand the breadth of Gods’ claims on all creation?

I think so.

It is inevitable that, as in the old Soviet Union, children will be removed from their parents for teaching them sin.  Preachers will go to jail.  Churches will be shuttered or converted into poor houses or “all inclusive” social clubs that feature Jesus as a nice man.

Of course we are already there. It’s just going to get worse.

Expecting collapse, my eyes are not on surviving it.  It is on the kind of order I want to build when the opportunity arrives.     It will be an explicitly Christian state and nation.

A Christian state will have the Ten Commandments at the center of all social institutions.  Those Commandments will be the foundation of Law and will be hung on the walls of every school house.

For those that say the government shouldn’t impose morality or religion on others  all I can say is that is exactly what is going on in Europe and America today and we seem to embrace it wholeheartedly.   It’s just that the religion is atheism, and the morality is social marxism masquerading as “tolerance,” and “diversity.”    Defying this religion means losing one’s job and education and calling down public shaming upon oneself.

I’ll take the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 instead of the curses.    The Ten Commandments were designed for the building of nations — not an optional and personal morality.

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