It’s More Than Just the Guns

It’s my opinion — crazy as it is — that school districts should be local school districts — completely controlled by the tax paying parents living there.

Right now, we have little control — I just learned that they are moving “low income” students from outside our SD into our schools. Why? To makes some Leftist’s view of how thing “ought to be” exist. I never got a vote in that. I never got a chance to voice my opinion on that. It wasn’t even a public debate — leftist bureaucrats who are saving the world made that decision for me. In the mean time, my kids are going to attend school with kids who don’t live in the district and don’t belong there. How does that build community? It undermines community. And we’ll get the gangs and the fights and more division.

About those guns:

I think it is entirely reasonable, for teachers and administrators who are mentally and physically inclined, to have access to firearms at work. Either on their person or, as with one school district, placed in lock boxes at strategic locations around the school. Few can do that. How many regularly train with firearms and choose to carry? It’s not something to be done lightly — it’s an extra burden in life (IMO). So it will always be the very few that step up for this.

Schools are a miniature world — “Let’s make it more diverse!” says a Leftist who doesn’t have to live with the consequences. So you bring in the hoodlums and pat yourself on the back for being a righteous moral crusader and the kids suffer with fights and increased low-level tensions every day.

And they are doing it at the national level with open borders and re-settling complete foreigners in our country. How is settling Muslims in Idaho going to make for a better country? Who the hell are these people making decisions in lieu of “we the people”?

Which people opted to defy federal law and open our borders? Which people said “bring in Muslim refugees?” Which people said “Mix our school districts with folks from outside our district?” Which people said “ignore our immigration laws and let people in with Tuberculosis and Aids?” Which people said “Only white people are forbidden to associate based on race?” Which people said “At universities, we will teach that White Men are the cause of all the world’s problems?” Which people said “if you are against immigration and welfare you are a ‘racist’?”

Where in all this mess is the ability of “we the people” to govern themselves any more? When the super-smart elites think our vote is wrong they have it overturned in the courts (gerrymandering, done legally, that favors Republics can be overturned by the courts is only the latest violation of “we the people”).

We the people no longer even control the election process. Bernie Sanders was cheated. DOJ and FBI conspired undermine Trump before the election. FISA courts are abused to investigate him. After Trump won, that system is so confident that they are in control that they continue to seek to overturn the election through fraudulent investigations. And the press is their political cover.

“Justice” is used to attack “we the people” and support approved elites like Obama and Clinton. Two systems of justice — one for the Left, another for the Right. Still no investigation of using the IRS to crush right wing political movements. BLM can assassinate cops, but no one can sue them. Meanwhile if you are “right wing,” Anti-Fa seems to have a free hand to assault and batter.

A friend was just forced to flee Seattle because he has no right over his own person or property — the homeless can move in and he can’t lift finger to protect what’s his.

The Press, who views itself as higher that God, wants desperately to crush any counter-narrative and do so with the help of Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Folks on the FEC are still trying to find ways to control Drudge and right-wing radio folks.

Anyone part of the Leftist elite (including a lot of Republicans) have their armed guards and small armies paid for by “we the people,” but they demand disarming those very “we the people” that they don’t control.

Control is the purpose of government, not liberty, and “we the people” have always been a threat.

I’m trying to figure out what kind of constitutional system is left?

I have no freedom of speech at work if I’m on the Right. Ditto for universities. We can speak all we want as long as the “protected classes” aren’t offended. How generous of them.

This doesn’t even address the wars. Since when were “we the people” consulted in endless wars?

It’s broken beyond remedy.

It will take a Ragnarok event to change course. Death and Rebirth. War and Reconstruction.

The risk, though, is that it gets even worse.

Death and Rebirth could come through a general war with near peer adversaries and/or complete collapse of the value of the dollar. When that happens, will those who control the government (certainly not “the people”) respond by consolidating the tyranny? Eliminating arms? Formalizing speech control? Removing kids from families homes for home schooling or teaching the inappropriate ideas? Firing federal workers for having aberrant politic ideas? Kicking kids out of school for having unapproved political tendencies?

We are already there. How soon until the clearance process is openly used to remove dissenters? Even though we swore and oath to the Constitution, I’m not aware of questions about our loyalty to it. Rather there are questions about being “against government.”

To question is to risk.

I was at a conference the other day and DHS put up as a priority “Protecting the American Way of Life.” Zero about protecting the Constitution. Orwellian.

We are already at the “there” point. It’s just that all of us have so adjusted what is acceptable that we no longer recognize it.

Should an opportunity to rebuild occur, will be be ready to create something more akin to the liberties and values we once held dear? Simple things like local control of education. Free speech. Keeping and bearing arms. Having our vote really matter. Staying out of foreign entanglements. Not listening to people who think white folks are evil. Maybe even the Ten Commandments back on the school walls (extremist that I am).

If one wants a more formal treatise of why we are at the stage we find ourselves, one may consider Sir John Glubb, The Fate one Empires.

More recent and popular is Strauss and Howe’s “The Fourth Turning,” made popular by Steven Bannon. I have not read it but there are some who refer to it.

And older but more classical work is Daniel’s dreams of the rise and fall of Empires. Maybe it’s just our time.

I want my kids to know that I fought against the darkness and didn’t just enjoy the ride down.

Uncle Cranky

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