Criminalization of Christianity

I’ve said this before.
I’ll say it again.

Christianity requires a Christian state.  There is no such things as a religiously “neutral” state, or school, or government, or laws.

See below:

“The systematic criminalization of Christianity is not coming to us merely by Supreme Court cases or cleverly crafted pieces of congressional legislation. It is coming to us by seemingly small nuances, changes and alterations of the ordinances and laws in our cities, townships, counties and states.”


Christianity in Iraq Destroyed

The days of living peacefully are gone.  America was founded as a Christian state — that was the purpose of the Puritan and Pilgrim migration to North America.  Our foundations were Christian. But like the ancient Hebrews, we thought we could incorporate pagan beliefs (like atheism) and somehow emerge OK.  The story if those Hebrews shows that there is no “neutral” space in which both can coexist equally. That is not possible and we’ve proven that in history.

The implication is that we must  establish an explicitly Christian state. What does that look like?  The social foundation of Law is the Ten Commandments.  Those Commandments form that basis for the legal system and the corporate moral code.

The Ten Commandments were never a personal code of ethics — rather they were a code of law — the foundations of social order — a legal basis for interpersonal relations and relations between the nation and God.

This is not a “neutral” state or law.  There is no such thing. It is high time we recognize this fact, as Christians, and seek to build anew Christian nations.

Why now? Is this just a fantasy from someone with nothing better to do?

Not at all.

The fact — for all who are willing to see — is that the US is a country in an existential crisis; not from an external enemy, but from enemies within.   America as it was once conceived is over.

And there is a dire need for Christian states once again in Europe, and also Africa and the Middle East.  Christianity will be extinguished without Christian states.  As the post-World War Two order implodes (and then explodes) we Christians face the challenge creating Nations-States within which we can serve our God.

To defer to those who hate our God the task of building the social order is to forsake the command to “disciple nations” which is a larger task that mere personal conversion.

For Christians to agree, willingly, to live under pagan leadership is to forfeit Christianity — America’s history has proven this.  We cannot make this mistake again.

Contemporary Christianity has not been the salt and light to the nations as God requires to be.  That’s why it has been “trampled under the feet of men.”

Christian nations will re-emerge in history.   Jesus Christ is Lord of every nation (a blood line) and he will have those blood lines that will serve him.     Those states that emerge will have the Law (the Ten Commandments) as their foundation for social order.

It was  Christ’s first sermon that warned men not to think He came abolish the law.  Not at all. The Law is the foundation for a state.




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