The Book of Judges and Christian Nations

The book of Judges illustrates the infeasibility of mixing a Christian world order and a pagan faith.  Every time, the pagans win and the Christians are oppressed.   This is America today.  And the Middle East.

The good news is that this condition does not need to be  permanent.   Brave men and women (Deborah) willing to c fight their enemies can re-establish Christian nations.

How ironic that individual Christians today are willing to fight in pagan wars to advance pagan ideas on behalf of a secular state and yet are not willing to fight to establish a Christian state.

That will change.
It will change when people believe we can do this.
And it will change as this current order collapses into either complete anarchy or a totalitarianism and a poverty so oppressive  that we are compelled to act or die.

Because if we don’t, Christianity will cease to exist in any meaningful way — which is the condition of the Church in most of the world today.  It’s flash and no bang, noise and no rain.  Thunder and lightning but no refreshing rains, no growth, no real salt to preserve society.  It’s largely worthless.

Why is Christianity important?   What is important is Truth.   And God is Truth.  And that Son of God, Jesus Christ, is the Way, The Truth and the Life.  This isn’t a “religious” idea — it is what is real.  He is the King. He is the Creator. He is the Ruler of Every Nation.  We need to live like it and honor him with not just our “personal” beliefs, but in building Christian nations.

As the Pilgrims so well understood — it takes a Christian nation-state to preserve and advance Christianity.  That is the way of the future.


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