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Month: May 2018

Reform the Church

Reform the Church

The only hope for this world lies within the Church, but only if it reforms.   Neither “Conservative values,” nor a “return to the Constitution” will save us from our indolence.  And our indolence is no defense from assertive Marxism, which has been running the table in most of the world since the 1960s, and that Marxism will be no resistance from an assertive Islam.

Marxism has already won in the West.  We don’t call it Marxism in every day life, but it is the idea that male and female are interchangeable, that private property is really on loan from “society” or the state, that God is a drug to make people happy, that scientific materialism is the foundation of truth (thus we are “evolving” from imperfection toward beauty), that males ought not to rule over their female, that marriage ought not to be at all, that children should rebel against their parents, that distinctions in blood lines are evil.  Read Marx’s classic — the Communist Manifesto and Engel’s treatise on marriage and the family. 

In a nutshell, that which is evil is now called good and that which God said is good is now called evil.  In the United States, the Ten Commandments are illegal, the Church renounces them,  and sodomy is heralded as a human right even in much of the Church.   Please, wise man, explain to me why the Church should not be wiped out and started afresh.

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