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The only hope for this world lies within the Church, but only if it reforms.   Neither “Conservative values,” nor a “return to the Constitution” will save us from our indolence.  And our indolence is no defense from assertive Marxism, which has been running the table in most of the world since the 1960s, and that Marxism will be no resistance from an assertive Islam.

Marxism has already won in the West.  We don’t call it Marxism in every day life, but it is the idea that male and female are interchangeable, that private property is really on loan from “society” or the state, that God is a drug to make people happy, that scientific materialism is the foundation of truth (thus we are “evolving” from imperfection toward beauty), that males ought not to rule over their female, that marriage ought not to be at all, that children should rebel against their parents, that distinctions in blood lines are evil.  Read Marx’s classic — the Communist Manifesto and Engel’s treatise on marriage and the family. 

In a nutshell, that which is evil is now called good and that which God said is good is now called evil.  In the United States, the Ten Commandments are illegal, the Church renounces them,  and sodomy is heralded as a human right even in much of the Church.   Please, wise man, explain to me why the Church should not be wiped out and started afresh.

The Church has failed, in part, due to bad theology.  Every year, it seems, we cede more in order to wins the praise of men by being more “tolerant” and “inclusive.” Lies, lies, lies.  By the time the church adopt’s the worlds lies,  Satan is already as step ahead pushing another lie.   They write their lies an call it “research,” and “studies,” phrasing it as  “we now know.”  These lies are published in academic journals and books and parceled out in digestible pieces in movies, news papers, and magazines. The teachers in the universities indoctrinate the teachers for grade schools and generation by generation the lies grow stronger.

I’ve written elsewhere describing how all people have “scripture,” which is just writing.  And they all consider their own writings authoritative in the sense that it molds their values and thinking.   Academics at the university write scripture and quote each other just like pastor’s quote the Bible.  They create their own unholy words to teach truth and impose a world view on others.   And their written words (scripture) has even dominated the minds of the Church.  Instead of the Church evangelizing the world, the world has evangelized the Church.

Many churches teach a baptized evil on Sunday mornings:  “Be good, be tolerant, God loves everyone, everything will be OK in the long run.”   Not true.

Reform starts with our writings — the writings we hold that come from our Creator, inspired by His Spirit.   In those writings there is no such thing as “Old” scriptures that have been replaced by “New” Scriptures.   (As a corollary, Jesus is not the New God that replace the Old God.)

One of the greatest disservices the Church has done to Truth is referring to the Greek Scriptures as the New Testament and the Hebrew Scriptures as the Old Testament.   Open any random Bible and the table of contents will list two major sections: Old Testament and New Testament.  Frequently “New Testaments” are found in hotel rooms, church pews, and in the back-packs of Christian students on campus.    When this mis-understanding of the Bible is combined with the teaching that the “new covenant” replaced the “old covenant,” then what is one to conclude by that the Hebrew writings are deprecated?   

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The purpose of the Hebrew Scriptures is to teach the nations (based upon blood lines) how to govern their peoples.   All of the Hebrew scriptures are written, not for some kind of personal morality, but for national covenant making with the Almighty God.

God wanted a people to serve him.  Thus he told Adam to breed with Eve and multiply.  Eve chose to exalt her own thinking over trusting what her husband told her, Adam chose his wife over God, and things fell apart.  Seems like the devil won that one.  Then fallen angels mated with women and corrupt the human blood line.  (Even the ancient Greeks and Romans understood this).  God starts anew by finding one man (Noah) with a pure blood line and from his sons all the nations of the earth are created.

He calls Abram out of his ancestor’s land and says from you I will make yet a new nation that will serve Me.  God is interested in nations (blood lines) that serve him.

A nation is not the people that live inside a randomly drawn map; a nation is a blood line. The root word for nation comes from a birth (similar to  ‘natal,” as in  post-natal care).  Like-wise Patriotism (from Patria — father) implies a blood line.  Blood lines are important from Genesis to John to the Revelation.  In the end, if we are not of the Blood Line of Jesus, the Son of God, then we are well and truly lost.  If blood lines are meaningless, then so is the Gospel, so is Genesis and so is the lineage of the Savior. 

If one itakes one’s cues from what Moses and the Prophet swrote, as opposed to what Karl Marx and his disciples wrote (which is most of what is taught in schools today), then one must conclude that all the nations/blood lines came from Shem, Ham, and Japheth.  One must conclude  that God hated the idea that all peoples should be together; thus God disbursed rebellious mankind at Babel and forced them to become different nations and languages with their own times and boundaries (Acts 17:26-27).

Bottom line — God created that nations from blood lines running from the sons of Noah.  God has a plan for those nations (that they would seek and serve him) and that plan unfolds in the Hebrew Scriptures whereby if a nation obeys the Law of Moses, they shall be blessed.

All the prophets spoke in terms of that Law — the Ten Commandments.  They prophesied to entires peoples (nations/blood lines) and less often to individuals.  The purpose of the Hebrew Scriptures is to build nations that would serve God.

The Greek Scriptures is the “cherry on top,” so-to-speak, and is primarily (though not exclusively) focussed on the individual.   

It’s time to turn things over because the Church has lost it.  And it’s losing because it has no idea that God wants entire nations to serve him.  Jesus is Lord over every nation.  His Law (the Ten Commandments) never changes nor goes away — the very first sermon he preached was to warn people not to think he came to do away with the Law (Matthew 5).

Wonder why that was in his first sermon?  Jesus was prophetic — he knew before-hand exactly what His Church would do — abandon His Law.   

So there you have it.  He knew. He warned us. We disobeyed anyway. Time to repent and embrace the Ten Commandments and repent from the idea that Christianity is just a “personal faith,” and a “personal relationship.”  Non-sense.  That’s just a fraction of it.

Jesus  is Lord of Every Nation.  He commanded us to disciple (bring discipline to) nations — blood lines.   

Either the United States will be a Christian or it will cease to be.   Even now, the atheists yearn for a return to Babel in which all mankind is one (E Pluribus Unum) which, although originally conceived in terms of a union of Englishman in different states (Massachusetts, Virginia, etc) is now conceived of as a union of all races, creeds, colors, etc.  A union of all races, countries, creeds and blood lines  is rebellion.  That is a return to Babel.  God hated Babel after the Flood and he promises to destroy Babel in the End (Revelation 18).  He’s destroyed many a man made Babel include the idea of Rome and the Babylonian Empire.  

At the beginning of this age when the waters of the Great Flood receded, God told mankind to spread out, to “multiply,” and to “fill the earth.”   Man rebelled.   Satan wants man to be one so that Satan can rule over man.  God wants diversity of nations (boundaries and blood lines) to see who would seek him and serve him.


These thoughts call into question much of what has passed as “truth” in the Church today.   This isn’t easy to accept.  Either the foregoing is crazy or what much of the Church believes is completely false.   If a man is known by his fruits, then so is the Church. And the fruit of the Church over the last few centuries has not been good — the Church has consistently ceded authority to Satan by adopting writings (scriptures) that are written by Satans disciples, not God’s.  

Perhaps it started by calling the Hebrew writings “old,” thus deprecating them. Perhaps earlier.  But it continues. Even today the foundations of Truth (in the first few chapters of Genesis) are turned upside down as men are given in marriage to men in the Church and few believe any longer that God created the universe in perfection; rather, the Church let’s stand the lie that God’s creation was an imperfect mess and that it is getting better over time: evolution.   

Evolution is Satan’s gospel — that eventually we’ll end up living forever like gods with no accountability to a Creator.  

It’s all messed up.  This isn’t about tweaking direction or adjusting the sails. It’s about a deep gut check on what is True — the writings of men which are portrayed as truth or the writings of Moses, inspired by the Creator.

Either Jesus is Lord of All or He is not Lord at all.   There is no smorgasbord of faith and truth — Eastern religions offer that. Jesus does not.

Fritz Berggren

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