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Abusive Relationships

I know a man whose wife beats him and verbally berates him. As a result, he sleeps on the couch, works overtime, and can’t enjoy a vacation. Why? She reported him, once, for domestic violence; and, as you may imagine, the only thing he was guilty of was defending himself.

And so it is with Straight White Christian Males (SWCM) today in America. We’ve made a great nation and we’ve let the “others” in. White men even put a Black man in the White House.

What did we get in return? More accusations of “racism” and general evil. Non-SWCMs doubled down on their tactics of guilt manipulation and raised the of accusations to a fevered pitch. Judging from recent events, to be a straight white male is to be unqualified to hold any position of leadership in American today.

The patterns between an abusive marriage and abuse between races is similar. Continue reading

Imperial Judiciary

In 1803 the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) unilaterally claimed supremacy over the other two branches of the US Government; in Marbury v. Madison (1803) the Court claimed to have the ability to determine what is constitutional and what is not.

Once the court made that decision, they elevated judges to the supreme arbiter of law in the United States. That is not a role the US Constitution of 1789 gave to the Judiciary Branch.

Since then no one has challenged the court on unilateral claim. And how would they, since the court would obviously rule that the challenge is “unconstitutional?” It would be as if some branch of the Roman Catholic Church woke up and told the Pope, “Hey, Pope, the Bible doesn’t say that.” The Pope would roll his eyes and excommunicate such a bold and provocative problem maker. Continue reading

Hebrew v. Greek

Confusion emerges in Christian communities when one attempts to teach from the writings of Moses and the Prophets, which were written in Hebrew. We, as Christians, are taught the Gospels (written in Greek). Some centuries ago nice men thought they’d help us by calling the Hebrew writings “Old” and the Greek writings “New.”

As as we read how the Old Testament was replace by the New Testament (Covenant), we are at a loss with what to do with that set of Scriptures referred to as “Old” by our preachers.

This article is designed to help. Continue reading

How to Get From Here (Global Secularism) to There (a small Christian Nation)

How to go from here to there?

If I am proposing a “Christian Nation,” how do we go from our currently secular state, completely hostile to the existence of Christianity anywhere except between the ears (for now at least) to a country that is openly and unapologetically Christian and in which our Laws and morals are reflected by the Ten Commandments?

Indeed, how does any country do this? Continue reading

Without God, the West is Not

Regardless of what one thinks of Whittaker Chambers, this letter succinctly reflects the condition of the West in the 1950s, which held to forms produced by a Christian, while denying its source.

Combine Chamber’s thoughts with Alexis de Tocqueville (“America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great”) and you have a pretty good idea why this country cannot arrest it’s slide into the morass.]

Today the dominant narrative is that Christianity is the enemy. Just imagine that.

Add to these witnesses Alexander Solvenityn’s indictment of Western Culture with his Harvard Commencement speech and one cannot say that we have not been warned.

God, Too, Has a Perspective.

God does not believe in equality; God is no one’s equal.

God created Man first, and Woman from Man.

Man was to obey God, and the woman to listen to and obey the man, and in turn the children are to obey the parents.

God gave a female as companionship to the male — that was the perfect fit. Homosexuality is the undermining of God’s perfect order for companionship.

God’s first command was to reproduce; homosexuality prevents reproduction.

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