God, Too, Has a Perspective.

God does not believe in equality; God is no one’s equal.

God created Man first, and Woman from Man.

Man was to obey God, and the woman to listen to and obey the man, and in turn the children are to obey the parents.

God gave a female as companionship to the male — that was the perfect fit. Homosexuality is the undermining of God’s perfect order for companionship.

God’s first command was to reproduce; homosexuality prevents reproduction.

God told Man to work in the garden (even before the Fall), the some promise a return without work.

God created everything perfect and it has devolved (entropy) since the Fall; the Satanists promote evolution (reverse entropy). From Life (God) came life (man and the plants and animals); Atheists say from non-life came life and things are getting better (reverse entropy).

God prefers certain blood lines (races); the others says they are all equal. God preferred Noah’s blood line and killed all the rest. God will cast into hell those not of his Son’s (Jesus Christ’s) blood line; the Atheists are outraged that anyone would dare to say this.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and, as such, is both the ruler and inheritor of the world; Evolutionists rejects the concept of primogeniture and monarchy.

Jesus Christ promises a Judgement Day (where all good things are rewarded and all sins are punished); the Atheists rejects all concept of eternal judgement and rejects Jesus Christ as the Judge.

God is Mighty, therefore He Rules; Atheists rejects God, his Mighty-ness and His Rulership.

The Creator is the Hegamon; Rebels promises total autonomy.

God is; the Left’s foundation is the non-existence of God.

God hated Babel (the place where all mankind was of one language, and purpose and a mixed blood line; Secularists promotes a new Babylon (Globalism) of one law, one set of ideas, one universal order (not under God), and denies differences in blood lines. God forced mankind to diversify based on blood lines (reinforced by different languages); Secularists promote absolute uniformity of ideas. God created the different languages, blood lines, times and boundaries in order to see who would seek after Him; the Left would impose a universal intolerance of “bad-think” upon all of mankind so that none could seek and find the Creator.[2]

Satanists (Secularists, Atheists, etc) rail against has it’s foundations in the first book of Moses (Genesis) including Divine Judgement (Death, the ejection from Eden, the curse of Cain, the Great Flood) and preferred blood lines (from Noah’s to Abram’s to David’s and the prophesied Messiah).

God is the ultimate enemy of the those trying to build a “new world order.”

[1] I accept Raganar Redbeard’s premise that “Might Makes Right;” In my words, God is not God because God is good — God is good because God is God. God sheds goodness — his legitimacy does not originate from anything or standard other than Himself. And He is the only person who stands in that position — God is The Supreme Monarch — the Dictator Tyrant of the Universe.
[2] Acts 17:26-27

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