How to Get From Here (Global Secularism) to There (a small Christian Nation)

How to Get From Here (Global Secularism) to There (a small Christian Nation)

How to go from here to there?

If I am proposing a “Christian Nation,” how do we go from our currently secular state, completely hostile to the existence of Christianity anywhere except between the ears (for now at least) to a country that is openly and unapologetically Christian and in which our Laws and morals are reflected by the Ten Commandments?

Indeed, how does any country do this?

First, it will be different for each country. The path for Haiti would be very different than for the United States. Hungary’s path is different that China’s. Not all nations will be Christian any more that all individuals will convert. Becoming institutally Christian is an opportunity, not a forced proposition (at least until that Great Day when the Son of God imposes His will).

The reason for the break up of Babel (Genesis 11) was to allow the opportunity for some nations (blood lines) to choose to follow the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; that they would openly accept as King that son of David, Jesus the Christ. This is why it is said that that nations would come to Zion to learn His Laws and follow His path.

The option of becoming a Christian nation is foreclosed in a Babel-onian system; the current global imposition of so-called laws as “human rights” and “international order” is uninformed by the Hebrew writings of Moses. In the dominant western narrative, clung to and propagated by our elites in the universities and governments, traditional “religion” has no place in public policy. Rather, it is public policy to erase traditional religion (Christianity) from all public roles. With this in mind, it is quite curious to watch European elites contemplate surrender to Islam as it steam roles over the natives of those stagnant and corrupt cultures.

In every case, though, the path to a Christian nation/state begins with the rejection of one global set of ideas, values, laws, languages, and even blood lines. The project to build a Babel was frustrated in Genesis 11, but that impulse and spirit remain. The history of the world is the rise and fall of one empire after another and all claim a universality and tolerance that can never be. The Romans — accepting of foreigners — found that tolerance had it’s limits, thus to refuse allegiance to the Emperor was to become a human torch in the Emperor’s arena.

Similar comparisons can be made of the current world order — everything and everyone are accepted as long as no one questions the hegemony of the secular order as defined in western elite universities.

So that’s task one: reject the idea that we should all just be tofu in the giant blender of global civilization where only the elites can add and subtract flavors. The spirit of Babel must be fought or we will never even have the opportunity to explore what human genius can develop.

Second, blood lines (nations) are the legitimate foundation for building a unique culture. The idea that a nation/state cannot be based upon a nation (a blood line and language) should be rejected. The western countries — in love with the Babel-onian ideas of “one people” — have selectively demonized the idea that a blood line can be proud and protective. It is selective because no one is criticizing Japan or the Palestinians, or the Chinese or even the new Black government of South Africa for preferring their own race. But should a European prefer their own, it is as if hell itself unleashed its hounds should one listen to the high and un-holy moral rectitude emanating from the mouths of the western elites. They need to be slapped down hard. They are hypocrites of the first sort.

Third, history cannot be forced. It can be cajoled and jostled and pushed, but the tide does not change because one wishes it so. When it is time to change, the tide will change, not a moment before. Waterways can mold the flow of water, but not it’s rising or falling. So regardless of the strength of the message of Christ (for example) it was still three centuries later before an Emperor legalized this here-to-for illegal sect. For today, the yeoman’s work is not in the overthrow of the Empire — it is in sowing the ideological seeds that may yield a crop some time on.

Fourth, one must be aware of opportunities. Should a nation be in such desperate state that it becomes open to something new, one can only hope that the seeds have been sufficiently sown to allow a Christian nation to arise organically. Haiti seems to me nation that would be open to pretty much anything but it’s current pitiable state. Unfortunately, it has become dependent upon Western aid would not risk losing it’s welfare by violating the orthodoxies of the west (look how Hungary under Urban is demonized by our liberal and tolerant elites!).

Fifth — when Moses posed to the sons of Israel a Law for their people, the people willingly assenteded to it. It could have been that the sons of Israel reject it. The twelve tribes could have said “no, we aren’t going to accepted those Ten Commandments, we have better ideas and our own traditions and, actually, we like worshipping cows, so no thank you very much.” And history would have been much different. Perhaps the Almighty then would have made from Moses’ blood line an entirely new nation. (It’s not like God didn’t contemplate this). The point is that one cannot harness an unwilling and hard headed animal. A corollary to that is allowing the beasts (the nations) the freedom to pursue their own historical destiny — not everyone believes they should adopt the mores and customs of university professor, arrogant as they are.

Sixth — God destroyed ancient Babel-onian unity — he imposed foreign tongues upon separate blood lines (this the blood line of Eber began to speak “Eber-ew”). They took the boat building skills of Shem, Ham and Japeth (which were passed on to their children) and they spread out all over the world. They crossed oceans, ascended rivers, navigated the seas and founded their own nation/states according to their own bloodlines, languages, times, and boundaries (Acts 17:26-27[1]).

Some nation/states received the Gospel over the centuries. Many Northern European nations have a Christian cross as a national banner (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Scotland, England). Those same nations, unfortunately, were quick to abandon a faith that made them great. One can only wonder, given Sweden’s trajectory, when a crescent moon replaces the Cross on their flag. Or will the Swedes finally dig down deep and decide not to be slaves to those invaders? Will they rally to their cross and fight? In our secular civilization there is very little worth dying for. Secularism isn’t a faith people die for. They may kill of it, they may send others to die for it (our professional soldiers), but they won’t offer up their own lives. Thus, I think, our late West lacks the intestinal fortitude to resist Islam.

Disaster equals opportunity.

Finally, it becomes apparent to the student of history that, as the arc of history bends away, for a season, from newer Babels, opportunities for reconstruction arise. Empires collapse, it is said, from the rot within and imperial overstretch. The United States is in such condition. Not that the elite recognize it; rather they would (as all power does) keep expanding and claiming more power and more moral authority even though these empire has reached it’s peak. We’ve reached peak empire.

I was privileged to attend a two week gathering of foreign policy elites in nearby country were national policy goals were discussed. Their’s were high-minded (in their own minds, at least) and altruistic. They freely condescended toward an America that would so elect Donald Trump. Mindful that I was but a guest, I advised them that Trump should not be looked upon as an aberration, but rather a reflection of the growing global rejection of the very worldview espoused by this elite group. Putin was the first nationalist in this post-Cold Ware era. Duterte reflects the impatience with “the way it’s supposed to work.” The rise of the right in Europe (Marine LePen, Geertz, Alternative for Deutschland, Swedish Democrats), and now, of course, Bolsarano in Brazil, gives context to the Trump phenomenon. I turned to a lady I befriended and said “we have reached peak Feminism, and while we (the global foreign policy elites) are attempting to put the cherry on top of our global order of “rule of law” and “universal human rights” the rest of the world (deplorables all) are busy rejecting this guidance. Trump is a trend, not an aberration.

And so it is.

As this elites of the world attempt to put the cherry of top of this magnificent cake — this global system (they would never call it an empire) it is collapsing on it’s own weight.

Thus, opportunities arise.

Finally a word about Goddess Democracy. She is like the character in the Wizard of Oz that stays behind the scenes and manipulates the world she would control. But the god of Oz is not as powerful as he seems and this “democracy” we are sold it but the facade of a system controlled by others.

Democracy is a system that convinces people they are in control of their own destiny. As long as they don’t disagree with the elites, they can vote any way the want. But when the stray, Judges will overturn laws as quickly as they like. And we are told we can do whatever we want, unless of course it runs afoul of the values of the Elites. Then we lose our jobs for bad-thininking, or loose our education for bad-associating. If we dare to vote that marriage is between a man and woman, a judge will correct our foolishness. If we want to vote for someone other than a D or R, then the state legislatures erect a system of laws precisely designed to prevent such presumption. If we want to publish “bad thinking,” then Facebook or Google or the city newspapers (whose ownership and control becomes more consolidated every year) will make sure that doesn’t rise to national attention.

Democracy is no longer about We The People — it is now a system to chop up and divide “the people” so that our imperial overlords and rule us helots struggling to survive below.

Alternative thoughts are banned in the universities (as racist, sexists, Islamophobic, transphobic, etc ) so that free discussion is no longer permitted. Political commentators and professors wax long on how people “vote against their their interests” and thus the system of judges and courts, schools and professors, publishers and associations erect sets of “rules” and procedures and ethics codes the prevent “the people” from speaking, saying or thinking (let alone governing) as they would. And thus the outrage over Trump and right wing leaders in Europe: it is one thing for individuals to be bad-thinkers — they can be suppressed one by one. But that the Demos , the people, would have recognized in those leaders (such as Trump) common interests and values is an outrage that must be suppressed “by any means necessary.”

The worst thing that could happen is that good responsible fathers and working men would roll over and acquiesce to the moral absolutism and power of the global elites.

A day will come when these men will arise again. It may be when the system created by the elites fails to deliver the economic prosperity so promised and so worshipped (another false god), but that day will come be it by war or economic malaise. And some judge (a good man, who did everything right just as he was taught in the universities) will be hauled out of court and strung up by his neck from a street lamp because he broke the last and final straw of patience of reasonable men in this nation. Perhaps he will uphold the laws imposing homosexual unions. Perhaps it will forced integration of neighborhoods or schools not sufficiently “diverse.” Perhaps it will be to jail a man for speaking “bad-think” of some kind. Or maybe just uphold the right of the government to take your home from you because you violated some “zoning” law.

Someday, we will tire of being governed and dare to govern ourselves once again.

And the global elites will howl with rage and call out their soldiers (professionalized police and military, loyal not to a Constitution, a blood line, a common history, but to their paycheck and their indoctrination into obedience) out to suppress and kill those who dared to rise up as “we the people.”

This revolution will come. And then the peoples again, like after the dissolution of Babel, will each have to sort themselves out, once again, into their tribes and nations and languages and loyalties and pursue their own unique destinies under the Sun.[2] That would be a moment for some peoples/nations to choose those Ten Commandments around which to organize their core values (and hence Laws and education).

And if it does not come, and the global elites cement their power, then truly the future is the boot stamping on the face of mankind forever.

But God doesn’t like Babel, and I suspect he is waiting to tip his hand, again, against this universal enemy.

[1] Acts 17:26 From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. 27 God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.
[2] Vastly better is a mankind in which every wrong is not righted and every Right is not enforced that homogenous tyranny being imposed the the governing elites as the would today. If the Goths of Gothenburg would rise up and worship Odin (instead of the Savior whose Cross emblazons their flag) then that is a good thing, far better than to watch their daughters become fodder to the invader. Far better would it be that the “elites” create their own enclaves in which their values and beliefs have space to work out the implications of their beliefs in time and history than to insist that the whole world MUST follow their path. Far better that Haiti clings to the VooDoo of their ancestors as a national choice than be force fed the pablum of global “values” and “human rights.”

Let the blood lines (nations) experiment. Let them serve Odin, or Baalzebus, or Jesus Christ. But one thing is for sure — the global demands for one world and one set of values and one rule of law will prevent any nation from becoming a Christian Nation and will end the diversity they so falsely claim to value.

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