Babel Must Fall

Globalisms is a term used to signify a process by which the entire globe comes under one set of rules, one set of rights, and one set of understandings how things are supposed to work (in the minds of the elites who set up this system). They (those elites) talk about a global system of law and universal human rights. It is the imposition of a world view upon everyone regardless of how they feel about it.

The benefits (per its advocates) are “rule of law” and “human rights;” and who could possible be against laws and rights? These memes claims a universal allegiance — laws and rights! But like most things, the devil is in the details.

Readers of this blog are already aware of how “rights” is nothing more than a rhetorical lever to move he debate to a different position without allowing the “opponents of human rights” to have a voice. Because, to opposed “universal human rights” is to be “racist,” or “sexist,” or some equally evil and non-definable sinner in the eyes of the duped and the globalist.

Want to advance your agenda? Call it a “right!” As is “health care is a basic human right,” or “choosing whom to love is a basic human right,” or “dignity is a basic human right” or a woman’s body is a basic human right” or the “right to be free of ridicule and hatred” is a basic human right.

The point of framing things as rights is to control the narrative. If you control the narrative, you force people to run the race or fight the battle on unfavorable terms. Thus, those of us who profoundly disagree with teaching children homosexuality are “against basic human rights” and are “Haters” who “attack human dignity.”

It is clever and effective. And it all goes back to “what is truth?”

Over that last century and a half our intellectual elites (prophets of a secular age — university professors) have destroyed a foundation of truth in the western world; they have made it impermissible to allow the writings of Moses to frame the narrative.

This is important; without the writings of Moses to frame the narrative, some other narrative comes in a replaces it. In our case, it is an atheistic narrative with an existence myth/narrative based upon reverse entropy (Evolution).

For generations university professors (the prophets of this secular and established religion) have claimed that truth is relative and does not exist; implying that we should reject the Ten Commandments and the creation narrative offered by Moses. Once that was safely wiped out, they could them impose an extraordinarily rigid moral code upon peoples defenseless to resist this new religion.

They reversed the morality of Moses.

So instead of embracing the standard of male with female marriage, homosexuality replaces it.
Instead of embracing masculinity, men castrate themselves to become like women and claim to be freeing themselves (when in fact is worse than suicide — you must live daily with your own self destruction).
Instead of the Ten Commandments, which are fairly liberal, we have speech and thought controls imposed upon us with punishments that include prison (for “hate” crimes), the loss of educational and employment privileges.

What they have imposed is not liberating, it is enslaving, even down to our thoughts and words.

What used to protect us — the norms in the writings of Moses — have been destroyed. Globalism — the new Babel — is the final global totalitarian imposition of ideas and mores entirely foreign to the narrative found in the Bible.

Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist thinking (which underlays the intellectual norms in the Academy today) undermines Mosaic thinking.

Moses offered:

Faith in a Creator who made the world perfect.
The foundation of human society is the family: a Male as lead, has a Female companion, and produces offspring after his own image.
Ties to Land. From the Garden of Eden to the Promised Land for Israel, identity and fulfillment come with a tie to one’s own land.
Rural life: Eden was Good, urban Babel is evil. We are called to till the garden and tend the sheep.
Pride in masculinity and femininity.
The glory of large families.
Allegiance to and preference for one’s own blood line.

The current worldview, which draws inspiration from atheists including Marx and Lenin, points to all these things: family, marriage, children, land, rural life, allegiances to God and bloodline, belief in a Creator — as prisons of the mind and soul from which individuals must be freed. Au contraire, these foundations protect the individual and give them meaning.

Strip a man of family, gender, parents, spouse, children, land, God and faith, place him in a large city, brainwash him through advanced university degrees, and that man is perfect tofu in an industrial blender — he is not free, he is a slave and doesn’t even know it. There is no one and no thing that can protect him or offer him meaning; there is no appeal to family or kin or father or nation for help.

For human tofu, only “the Government” can choose to help or not, she is not even permitted self-defense in so many nations one the West now. All these Marxian lies strip a man of identity and organic webs of protections. He becomes helpless in the face of the Babylonian spirit of this atheistic, urban, global, gender free, family free, work free age. Slavery is called freedom. It Freedom from the organic orders God provided to protect and make whole that individual is slavery. This age has reversed truth: slavery is not freedom and freedom slavery.

The modern world enslaves. Man is not offered liberty, he is shacked in mind, and the organic protections provided by his Creator (language, bloodlines, family, land, and faith in a Supreme Being) are renounced, diluted, destroyed and called evil (racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc).

Finally, people are waking up. They don’t want this globalism. They are tired of being told they will be better off by inviting in foreign blood lines and religions and losing their labor market to whatever geographic region offers something cheaper.

World global capitalism is evil — it is a reflection of Babel were all are united as one. This creates and empowers a priestly caste (government bureaucrats) that are forever above accountability to a people and destroys that natural impediments to global monopolies. A “flat world” is extraordinarily efficient — as are monopolies. Monopolies do no good to the lowest 99% of the world — they enrich the top 1% and strip out any possibility to grow or establish a “middle class” which is a natural barrier to monolithic political powers. Socialists want “government” to mediate for the poor, but that is another lie — socialism is the ultimate monopoly and the rich will still get richer and the poor end up like Venezuela in 2018.

As “globalism” has progressed since the end of the second world war, big companies grew bigger and fewer as it has become vastly more “efficient” and profitable to create a few enormous corporations that are impossible to compete against. For example, in the United States, a couple of dozen major defense corporations have consolidated into three our four — it is more profitable to buy each other out that to compete, and the US Government has no interest in complicating the procurement process by supporting many weaker companies- – it is easier to support a few large companies regardless of any potential for costs savings since costs savings have never been and will never be and cannot be a driving value of federal bureacrats — it is unnatural for bureaucratic systems to purse costs savings and a reduction in their own power, wealth, and influence.

Borders are natural counters to monopoly, and thus natural allies of peoples who wish not to be slaves of extra-national powers that answer to no one but themselves — they are wealth extractors from the world — the more they extract and the more they tear down their natural foils (such as borders and languages and value systems) and the more powerful they become. Their executives become rich and the lower 90% become more dependent and enslaved.

At least with slavery in the ante-vellum South, the slaves were guaranteed food and housing and the worship of the Christian God; now our slaves are not guaranteed food, nor housing, nor the worship of a Christian God — it is illegal in our “free” public schools.

“Free trade” is neither free nor beneficial to the masses. Free trade makes the very rich enormously wealthy while the middling classes watch their own businesses collapse and the poor are stripped of employment opportunities as manufacturers seek out lower cost labor. And this is not as if this elevates the power in other countries nor lowers the prices of products at home. Look at Apple, they shif the shops to china, pay the laborers a few dollars a day, and charge more and more every year for the same products. Their costs decline, the price of iPhones increases; who wins? Not American workers nor consumers, and not Chinese workers. The wealth is concentrated at the top. This is global Bablyonian capitalism and it is evil.

This is where the Right and the Left can possibly common interests. It is not in the interests of the working people (at least those few left) to open our borders for more and cheaper labor, nor to open our borders for more efficiently produced products be they tomatoes or Toyotas. American cars over global cars regardless of how much more “efficient” a “global” production and marketing would be. Local tomatoes, preferably without chemicals and seeds sold by global monopolies (Dow Chemical, Monsanto). If the Left wants to promote cultural identity, then it should embrace European identity as much as Chicano or African identity. Preserving the cultural heritage of Sweden and Germany are every bit as valid as preserving the cultural and linguistic identity of Guatemalan highland Indians or remote tribes in Asia. If not, then why not just round them up, put clothes on them, and drop them in the middle of Paris and say “we’re doing this for your own good!.” Babylon rolls on, diversity disappears, and peoples expire.

This madness has to stop. Efficiency has become evil in the global order of no borders and the free flow of goods, peoples, and money. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and there becomes no natural impediments to a worldwide totalitarian system no matter how much they claim to have a “rule of law” and “human rights.” These are lies. Babel remains the enemy of mankind. The gentle laws and natural narrative of Moses protect and beautify humanity. Globalism — today’s Babel — is a naturally enslaving monopoly that crushes diversity and freedom.

The only narrative the world has that shields mankind from global enslavement and tyranny comes from the Bible — there is no other.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
December 2018
Colorado Springs

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