Right and Left: Yes, There IS Overlap

Coming back to this trope, I have a few ideas to add, some of which have come from AOC’s “Green” agenda.

I would have no objection to abandon the idea of a “corporate person.” These “persons” operate beyond local control and act as a law unto themselves imposing upon others that to which others have not consented. Some are larger than nation states. Some run nation states from the shadows. It was an American President who warned of the military-industrial complex, and it seems immune from any sort of guidance from “we the people.”

I am in agreement with the ideas that global trade and transnational corporations and their leadership (think Davos) are way above and beyond any kind of local control. I am a big fan of local control (as are the “Green” folks, especially with regard to local wares and manufactures and food). Some of the Left (probably the instinctual and unthinking Left) oppose globalism and the “flat” earth economic model. So do I.

I support “diversity” in people groups. In this we should fully oppose open borders and the idea that one group must submit to the moral and philosophical demands of others. The idea that some self-appointed group of “do-gooders” (like the SPLC) instructs the global elite and their minions who to hate and reject is appalling. Transnational Corporations and media empires hire the SPLC to tell them who to oppress, vilify, and slander. — this is the very totalitarianism that left ought to hate, yet embraces.

I opposed majority rule. I am not a (small d) democrat. Neither was Moses. Neither was Jesus. Neither is God. There is an order, the Ten Commandments, by which a good society ought be ordered. THat’s what I advocate. I call it a Christian order for a Christian nation/bloodline. Here, of course, the Left will go ballistic and call me all manner of evil names. I get that. We aren’t on the same page, ultimately. And so it is best we go our separate ways.

I hate Babel and Babylon — they build it.
I submit to God — the reject God.
I do not believe in equality — they preach that all are equal.

I will promise them that I will try to convince them that my way is better (via traditional evangelism). I will promise them that if they try to subvert my nation they will be met with violence. And I ask them to promise me that they will not, with violence, attempt to impose their narrow minded world view upon my nation.

In line with support for localism, I support “micro generation,” the idea that local communities own their own power generation. This is common sense. It is not good to depend upon a distance source over which you have no control to supply anything, power, food, water, protection, or legal jurisdiction.

I support the break up of monopolies (Google, Mega-Banks, etc). I am of the opinion that collapsing international corporations is a boon for local control. AOC’s “green” agenda describes this in several ways — I support those.

I have written elsewhere that global efficiency is not, in any way, my ultimate store of value. I do not believe global efficiency empowers local communities nor raises wages for local workers. I oppose, in principle, flat efficient global trade (heretic that I am). I would rather protect local Greek breweries (disgusting and expensive beer) than distant German (cheap and tasty) beer. I would rather Greek family breweries flourish with bad beer than reward distant German industries who make good beer. Take that model, move it to North America, and I feel the same. No more Mexico tomatoes — I prefer expensive, lower quality tomatoes grown in Colorado hot-houses , that support my people, here, where I live. I prefer inefficient local businesses that support my neighbors to “efficient” global corporations, any day and all day.

I have no interest in supporting our current banking structure that rewards debtors and governments and punishes small savers (individuals who want to own their own house and proprietary establishment). The system called “capitalist” is nothing more than a monopoly created by government authorities for the benefit of a very few. They claim (as all socialist claim) do to favors to the poor (by indenturing them), but they merely enslave those of modest resources. Better that all real estate prices be subdued by lack of access to easy debt. Then those who could afford land and property would actually own that land, and not be but a mere renters of that capital from men who were granted a false business contract and monopoly from the State. I hate this. I hope the Left hates this. We can agree on this. This is not a compromise — this is a rejection of debt slavery and control by distant and unresponsive powers.

I see not in the Writings a model divorced from a individual other than that of a patriarch, who governs an extended family — offspring from his own loins. The idea of a fictional entity granted the privileges (but not obligations) of a Father is alien to my world view. Debt and non-human personhood is alien to Godly society. In this I can accord with the Left.

Trade Unions merely attempt to counter the illegitimate strength of mega-corporations — false persons — who when coupled with “capitalist” banks wield a force against local control entirely beyond any balanced scale of local autonomy. Unions are an expression of local control countering the power of trans-national corporations who exist only as a function of a fictional grant from a legal state. These, coupled with the fractional reserve banking system (which enslaves the saving class) ought not receive special protections from those who control the men who carry weapons who are paid for by people who work, save, and invest in their offspring (the middling classes). Those middling classes bear the burden of their own oppression.

9 February 2019

As divided as we are, I think there is more in common between the Right and the Left than we commonly recognize.

Speaking for myself (on the Right), the global and economic and system advocating a “rule of Law” and “universal human rights” is but camouflage for totalitarians who espouse only “one” right way to think, act, and live. Global debt driven capitalism destroyed middle classes in Europe and America (unaffordable housing and the decimation of local businesses). Local production is better that international production — a factory in America is vastly favorable to a factory in Mexico or China. Working class Americans are more important to me than working class Chinese.

For the Left, I’m inspired by those who hate the elite who dictate the economic policies that enrich the global 0.1% and impoverish the rest. Global capitalism is a dream of corporate totalitarians and government bureaucrats. Debt slavery is slavery; banks LOVE debt and interest payments. So do governments because it drives up home prices which in turn mean higher tax valuations. Americans have become “tax cattle,” to exploit a phrase that aptly describes our current condition. Feed us and entertain us and we’ll keep noosing and pushing out taxes and interest payments. This is evil.

Radical leftists who oppose global debt capitalism are on the same page as those of us on the right who oppose this “unified world order” that is, essentially, a totalitarian system disguised by “voting” and “free speech” (until it gets out of hand and they just call it ‘racist’ and it is suppressed).

Points in Common:
— Local production is better than Global
— Debt slavery is evil
— Unelected elites DO control us beyond what we’ve agreed to
— Voting is camouflage for those those who make the real decisions
— The rich grow richer, the middle class is destroyed, the poor are hostages
— There remains little of familial economic independence — we are all hostages

I can list “points of contention,” but those can be addressed if we parcel out places for ourselves to govern — the Right need not be totalitarian (in the global sense) any more than the Left should be. We may appear to be totalitarian withi nour local areas, but that’s preferred to fighting for all the cookies — better to each go our own way than a global war for global tyranny. There must be allowances for different peoples to go different ways.

Here are two essays that both Left and Right can agree upon:



From a “Bible” point of view, here are some things to consider:

1) DEBT. It is bad. It is to be avoided. At a maximum, debt should be cancelled every fifty years and at a minimum every 7 years. Our bankers/slave-owners NEVER offer a jubilee. Debt is slavery. God hates debt.

2) BORDERS/LANGUAGE/BLOODLINES Borders enforce localism. Borders protect blood lines. Local languages protect the identity of a nation/bloodline. God hated/hates the idea of “one world,” and “one people,” and one “rule of law.” This is apparent from the story of Babel (Genesis 11) to the destruction of Bablyon in the book of Revelation. Also see Daniel chapter 2 with the mixing of bloodlines in the feet of the great statue:”the people will be a mixture but not remain united any more than iron mixes with clay.” God LOVES racial and linguistic diversity because it allows peoples to become different in the hope that some find Him, even though He is not far from them (Acts 17, 26-27).

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