People I Used to Know

People I Used to Know

I have friends. (Really, I do. Not many. Maybe from a long time ago. We lost touch. But, I used to know them, so that counts, right?). We used to go to the same church. Heard the same preaching, good preaching. Know the Bible as the Word of God. But a couple of decades on and we are very very different people.

They call me a “racist” because of a political opinion I hold: I oppose open borders.

So what would I say to my “friends?”

I guess I would warn them. I would tell them,

“they will come for you if they can get through us. You think you are safe because you agree with them, but you are not. You believe in God, the Christian God, the God who is Superior to humans, the God who Created and did not Evolve us. You believe in BLOOD sacrifice.

You believe in heaven for a few (those who smell of the Right Blood) and you believe in Hell for everyone else. You believe there is ONE WAY to heaven and only ONE MEDIATOR between God and Man. You believe in SIN. You believe that we were BORN into SIN. You believe in the SON (not the daughter) of God. You believe in God the Father, not Gaia the mother. You believe that homosexuality is evil and that marriage for life between one man and one woman is the perfect human relationship. You believe that God KILLED everyone on the planet except Noah and seven others because the others were bad, corrupted. You believe in Judgment in history (the Great Flood) and eternal Judgement with a lake of Fire for those who have not repented of their sin and unbelief and accepted, as the only atonement for sin, the Blood of the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ.”

“And you really think they aren’t coming for you when they are done with us?”

“If you are not compromised now, where will you compromise? At what point will you say, ‘hey, you all, yeah, we aren’t all that exclusive. God loves everyone. And who am I say say that sin is sin? And who am I to say that Jesus Christ is the only way to God?”

“Maybe you’re already there. Maybe you don’t believe that the the Blood of Jesus Christ is superior to all other blood. Maybe the Bible is just one story among many. Maybe sin doesn’t require a blood sacrifice. Maybe you think God accepts blood lines that stink of sin, or maybe you think sin doesn’t stink to God, which means maybe you don’t believe that Jesus Christ in the ONLY mediator between man and God. Maybe you are a Hindu wrapped up in the disguise of a Christian.”

“Who are you, really? And do you really think they won’t come after you when they are done with us? Unless, of course, you were one of them all along. Or did you just surrender because you want Satan’s kids to like you?”

“Or is what I’m saying just totally offensive to you?”

Maybe I never knew you after all.

Fritz W. Berggren, Ph.D.
22 January 2019
Colorado Springs

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