This is for All The Marbles

This is for All The Marbles

I’ve written elsewhere of Truth. I don’t know it perfectly, but I know the Source of that Truth — it’s the Creator who expresses himself through the Word of God, which is also Jesus Christ.

From that, here’s what’s going on.

Satan has power. The world is controlled by him to the extent the world rejects Jesus Christ. Satan isn’t very creative, but what he knows tends to work. His tricks aren’t new, they are consistent from Genesis on.

1) Deceive mankind and convince him that he can judge God. (This was Eve’s sin).
2) Destroy mankind, be it by war or something vastly more vile (the mixing of kinds — mankind with angels, for example).
3) Mass urbanization and a unified ranking (Babel is evil from Genesis to Revelation).
4) A gospel of hope without the Creator (Eve was promised the ability to be like God and know good and evil for herself and to never die). This is Independent Man, man the child of evolution, destined to “change” for the better over time resulting in eternal Life independent of the Creator.

We see these things today, people are trying hard to change what a human being is (mixing of kinds with genetic splicing, etc. There are movies about this — the greatest contribution of fiction is to talk about truths we could not otherwise approach).

They would kill the Christ-followers; we bear His Image and we preach His Truth. We are the only thing that stands in the way of world domination for Satan.

This is not only a global war, but a local war.

Some folks will say I’m mixing Religion with Politics; to them I reply, “Ah, you are offended that I am breaking your rules. My rules say that Jesus Christ is King of all Kings, and Lord of all Lords. This isn’t allegorical, he is The Political-Ruler-In-Chief. When you war agains this idea, you war against me and my God-King.”

Christians, this fight is for all the cookies.

We’ve been deceived. We’ve agreed to divide up the cookies where Satan gets most, and we have a few crumbs to nibble while we await the return of the Savior. Boy, isn’t that a convenient message for Satan — I reject that.

Jesus Christ is Lord of Heaven and Earth now. May His kingdom come and His will be done, now, on earth as it is in heaven.

Let’s pull this in locally. In the United States, where I live, there is a battle for the total conquest of society by the forces of evil such that there will be no room at all to preach the Christian Gospel. Fundamental to their religion (their atheistic, secular Satan worship) there is no “right and wrong” except as they say it is. They utterly reject the Ten Commandments and the Holy Scriptures. They have already gone right to the heart of the matter in the censorship of speech, starting with what any could describe as a Christian biblical world view. For example, Sinners go to Hell, but that is considered “so judgmental” that it is called “hate speech.” But isn’t naming something “hate speech” intrinsically judgmental? Isn’t calling something “hateful” essential imposing one’s rigid moral demands upon others? Ontolotogically this is so simple that I’m amazed it is not so obvious.

But then again, Satan is both the Accuser and the Deceiver.

This entire project of “tolerance” has been nothing less than capsizing the ship — to call evil good, and good evil. This is seen in the elevation of homosexuality to a glorified civil status in the United States when, from a Truth perspective, it is evil. One can take one’s moral cues from Satanists, or from the book of Moses (where God created Man and gave him, for a mate, a female). There is nothing “scientific” about homosexuality among mammals even if one believes in Evolution — surely those genes would have bred out by now because homo-sexuality is incapable of reproduction. We know this. It’s demonstrable and repeatable (unlike reverse-Entropy aka Evolution).

The wheel of history grinds inexorably over the ideas of man, to test them, to try them, to see how they work. The result of the the rejection of Moses’s narrative is the installation of Satan as king and lord on earth. He will provide murder (abortion, the slaughter of the innocents), homosexuality, urbanization, dependency upon totalitarian governments, darkness in the rejection of the Scriptures, and great poverty fo the masses as the top fraction of a percent becomes unimaginably wealthy.

Christians, this is for all the marbles.

We no longer have a choice of ceding to Satan “what is his” because none of it is his. And God, being Lord of all, doesn’t share his Bride (the Church) with other lovers. And he’s not content with allowing Satan to rule ninety-nine percent of the earth while the Church gets an hour on Sunday morning, and only if it has no practical effect upon the world around them (which pretty much sums up the effects of the Church in America on the world around the.)

Church, this is for everything.

We extinguish ourselves, our message, our Gospel, and most of all any hope for the rest of mankind as we accommodate the world. And I”m not talking in about “personal sins.” Satan LOVES it when we preach about personal sins (although even that is becoming rarer) because we make ourselves feel bad and we completely focus on ourselves and not the conquest of the world.

God has called man, From Adam to Noah, to Abraham, to Israel to his Son Jesus Christ to build Christian, nations, societies, bloodlines and states. Every act of defense must be the defense of a Christian order. Every act of education must be a probation of Truth. Every teacher is an evangelist and every professor a priest and prophet — either of the Word of God is proclaimed or of Satan’s lies. We cannot allow Satan to install his prophets in the teaching positions we fund through our taxes and still call ourselves Christian — we fund evil; it is time to rebel against Satan. Let this rebellion begin here and now.

If we cede the legal system (which should have remained, as it once was, based upon the Ten Commandments), then they can outlaw the preaching of the Gospel. Which they have. The Ten Commandments and prayer are illegal in schools. Christians seem to have forgotten, that the schools were taken from us several generations before most Americans ceased professing Christianity as their core faith.

And as the education system (K-12 through Graduate School) have rejected the Truth, they are clouded in deception. And so darkness reigns over the land.

The standing armies amongst us (19,000 “police” agencies not including the National Guard, the Active Duty Military, nor our own Intelligence services) obey laws anathema to our king (such as suppressing the Holy Scriptures in the public realm).

Christianity requires a Christian society. There can be no fulfillment of the Great Commission until we recognize the demand to convert entire nations/bloodlines to the Gospel of Jesus Christ (which includes all the truths of the books of Moses and forward).

The beauty of this Great American Collapse is that it will force Christians to learn and know and understand that God OWNS IT ALL and would have his Church cease surrendering to Satan that which is rightfully Gods.

The horror of this Collapse is contemplating a thousand years of darkness if His Church does not rise up and fight — FIGHT — for the entire Truth to be the foundation of nations on earth in time.

This requires a total intellectual commitment to the idea that Christ is Lord of all, including of human armies, and universities and legal systems and families and is no limited to “church activities.”

Do I intend to impose my own religious beliefs upon the world? Yes, I do — it’s called preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is elevating the Ten Commandments over all other social laws (they are not personal moral suggestions, they are a unified body of law for an entire nation). It is insisting that Truth is unitary for all people for all times. I will build a nation and I will guide other nations, to build Christian societies in history.

For this I cannot apologize.

Reader, what does this mean for you?

One, this Christian will not offer you a choice of “believing” in God and letting Satan run the world. If God be God, if Jesus Christ be the Son of God, then serve Him with body, soul, and mind. If you cannot, then you default to Satan. Calling yourself a “Christian” but ceding the world is a rejection of the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Making disciples of entire nations/blood lines, is what I offer you. It’s all in or it’s not worth being in.

We need soldiers.
We need warriors.
We need teachers/pastors/prophets (which are the college professors and public school teachers).
We need men who will fight the deceived and women to breed new sons of God to fight in His Name.

Stop thinking that there is a middle path upon which we can all agree; that is historical untrue, biblically untrue, and part of the Big Lie.

This is for all the marbles, brothers. It is all in, or we lose. If you are worthy of the Name, then your choice is foregone. If you would be worth of the Name, join us. If you hesitate, you are not worthy. If you fear, cowards will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This time it is for everything.

Men, are your ancestors from countries who proudly display the Cross of Christ upon their banner: Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark? Add to these the Celtic Cross, the Cross of the Teutonic order, the Christianity of the Greek and Russian Orthodox, the French Hugenots, and the Saints who fought at the Gates of Vienna against the Musselman invaders, the Christians of France and Spain who stopped servants of the Deceiver and drove them out of Iberia over seven centuries, Christians all. And those Jews who follow that Warrior King, the Son of David, Jesus Christ.

In Hoc Cigno Vinces.

Europeans, it is time to return to the roots of your fathers, sons of Japeth all. Let us, like brothers, band together and lift up that that son of Shem, Jesus, who despised the shame and embraced the Cross. He is the ONE WORTHY of all the hopes and dreams and loves and blood of mankind, the Christ, the Son of God. He is your Savior and King. No other is worthy of you. Be worthy of Him. You’re ancestors served him once, it is time for you to serve Him again.

This fight is worth this world and the next.

It is all in, brothers. All in.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
29 January 2019

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