Blood Matters

30 March 2019

I’m keen on pointing out that politics and religion mix; they have mixed, will mix and cannot be unmixed. Efforts to segregate “religious” ideas from moral and legal ideas are efforts to excise specific kinds of ideas (such as the Ten Commandments). It is sophistry, not rationality. Fallen man, like Satan, seeks legal and moral autonomy.

The literature from which a Christian’s ideas emerge ought to be the Hebrew Scriptures — the books of Moses. The Creator and creation are fundamental truths, in contrast to the theory of an independent self-existence (which is a Satanic idea promoted by the Priests and Prophets of our system — the university professors).

If the world talks about race and racism, I reference the books of Moses for context. So here it goes:

God creates Adam and he calls Adam his son. Adam is provided a wife from his own rib. They breed and Cain is born, and then Abel. Cain kills Abel. God curses Cain. God does not prefer Cain, and by extension does not prefer Cain’s blood line. In the Flood, Cain’s entire blood line is exterminated.

Fallen man pursued evil and violence. God regretted His creation and destroyed all but eight in the Great Flood. Set aside, for a minute, incredulity over a global flood; the point is that scriptures teach that God wiped out every bloodline save Noah’s.

From Shem, Ham and Japeth the entire earth was populated. God extinguished every other man’s bloodline save those three. God preferred that blood line (of Noah’s three sons).

Then God’s Prophet (Noah) cursed a son of Ham — Canaan. He said that Canaan’s descendants will be slaves to the descendants of Shem and Japeth. Set aside for a moment Canaan’s sin or lack thereof, Canaan and his blood line are cursed. Clearly God did not consider Canaan’s blood line to be worthy of the same blessings as those of Shem and Japeth.

Abraham is called of God. He sired Ishmael, his first born. Ishmael’s mother is from Ham’s son Mizraim (Eygyt) and she is a slave. God rejects this son of Ham as Abraham’s heir. Why? Because he is the child of a slave woman. God opens Sarah’s womb, Sarah being a daughter of Shem, ifrom Abram’s own blood line. God has mercy on Hagar’s son, and says that even though he was the son of a slave, he would be made into a great nation; never-the-less the Covenant of God would not flow through his blood line. God preferred one blood line over another even though it wasn’t Ishmael’s “fault” nor that of Hagar. God will prefer one blood line over another — that is His prerogative.

Sarah gives birth to Isaac, not Abraham’s first born, but the first born from the proper blood line (that is from Sarah, who is from Shem). Isaac fathers twins, Jacob and Esau. God said that he loved Jacob and hated Esau even before they were born. Romans chapter nine should inspire terror amongst all men in that God will chose whom God will chose — he owes no man a fair hearing or chance. Job was a righteous man, yet he endured the horrors that God permitted in his life. God owes no man anything — no man nor Angel can demand of God a hearing.

Israel’s offspring, the fathers of the twelve tribes, became slaves to the children of Ham, specifically to the children of Mizraim (which is Egypt). Egypt (the offspring of Ham) was a slave holding society and God used that four hundred years of slavery to turn seventy people into a powerful nation (which is a bloodline). They had a common tongue (Hebrew), a common ancestor, and a common story. God forced the son of Ham to expel the son of Shem and God led that blood line (of Israel) to a rich land, populated by the son’s of Canaan.

When God called Abram, he took him to the Land of Canaan. Canaan isn’t just a pretty name, this is the land where Canaan’s offspring settled. Canadians might call them “First Nations.” And God said to Abraham, “I will give this land to you,” even though someone else was there first. Canaan was a cursed blood line. Abram’s was blessed. And when the nation (bloodline) of Israel came up out of the land of the son of Ham (Mizraim/Egypt) God led them right back to the Land of Canaan and told them to go into the land and kill everyone there from the bloodline of Canaan and take the land for themselves.

God does not exist to comfort you or please you — we exist to please Him. Those not accepting this are functional Satanists.

Readers should surrender the idea that God judges a person solely as an individual. The reader should perceive that God prefers some bloodlines over others. The idea of individual equality is foreign to the Hebrew Scriptures. It is only when we get into the Greek scriptures that the focus goes to the individual, but even there any concept of individuality is undergirded by the foundation of bloodlines/nations. God did not change his mind with regard to the primacy of bloodlines, rather, He undergirds the power of blood: the whole purpose of the “new birth” is to re-birth an individual out of a fallen blood line and into the one favored bloodline (that of Jesus, the Christ).

Blood remains primary.

All men are divided into two camps — the Camp of the Lord and the Camp of Satan. Those who claim to be in neither camp are, by default, in Satan’s camp. At the Judgement Day, when a man appears, God will sniff his blood. If his blood is tainted of Adam’s sin, he will be rejected. If his blood bears of the aroma of Jesus Christ he will be accepted.

If this is true, then in what sense ought a man to reject the importance of blood lines? Emphatically, not all blood lines are equal. God does not deprecate the importance of bloodlines in the Greek Scriptures, he doubles down on the difference between blood. Either you are of the right bloodline or you are not. Yes, it is true that men of all bloodlines (of Shem, Ham, and Japeth) can repent and accept the Blood of Jesus Christ, but that does not undermine the differences in blood, it establishes it!

Too many Christians repeat the mantra that “God loves everyone” and create a deception of universal acceptance. The truth is that God exterminated all blood lines save those of Shem, Ham and Japheth. The context is the God cursed Canaan and said his descendants would be slaves to the descendants of Japheth and Shem. God hated Esau even before he was born. At the judgment day, not all will be saved.

Universalism is Satanic. We are not all the same, God favors some over others.

Are you from Shem, Ham or Japheth? If you are an evolutionist then there is nothing here for you — you were just a big fat mistake, the product of pure chance with no ultimate meaning.

The son’s of Ham largely went to Africa.

From Shem came the Messiah; Christ’s blood line is pure and lacks the sin of Adam (since he was born of a virgin woman and was conceived by the Holy Spirit).

God determined that Abraham’s children would marry back into his own bloodline (thus Sarah was his half-sister and Isaac and Jacob married cousins). God specifically warned Jacob not to marry a Canaanite woman (of a cursed bloodline). God rejected the mixed blood son of Hagar (a daughter of Ham and a also a slave). As the nation of Israel emerged, they married within their own race/nation/bloodline.

Japheth’s descendants populated Europe. They were also a blessed bloodline with a specific destiny: “May God extend Japheth’s territory; may Japheth live in the tents of Shem, and may Canaan be the slave of Japheth.”

Are you a child of Shem, Ham, or Japheth? Who is your ancestor? What does that say about you? If it was important enough for the Almighty to delineate nations and bloodlines, shouldn’t you know your own? To say “it doesn’t matter” contradicts the story outline above — it matters.

God sees a difference in bloodlines, and therefore the Christian should as well. Equality is a Satanic idea — Satan seeks to equality with the Creator and it is “offensive” to an atheist that the offspring of Canaan were cursed while the offspring of Japheth were blessed.

The moral outrage against “racism,” ultimately, is an outrage against the difference in bloodlines and nations, which are products of God’s own handiwork. We are not all the same and it is insulting to our dignity to impose a false equality. Charges of “racism” are accusations originating from the Accuser of mankind. Yes, Christ died for all — no, not all will be saved. Damnation is for those of an unredeemed blood line. Salvation is only for those cleansed by the Blood of Jesus Christ. At it’s heart, moral outrage against “racism” is a moral outrage against different outcomes for different bloodlines. Rejecting differences in blood lines is, ultimately, a rejection of the unique atoning power of the Blood of the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Does God love everyone? Yes, and so One died for all. The offer of salvation goes to every son of Shem, Ham and Japheth. But will all be saved? By no means; only those of the bloodline of Jesus Christ (which comes from the New Birth) will be saved. Thus, Satan would accuse God of being “racist,” and this charge, ultimately, is behind the entire movement of outrage against “racism.” Christians ought to reject Satan’s demand for universal equality and the commonality of bloodlines. We are not all the same. We are not all equal. Blood matters.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.

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