Wake Up, Christian!


Forces are rising in the United States that will not distinguish between Christian Orthodoxy and “racism,” and “hate speech.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center — the American hate group — identifies any group that is pro-traditional marriage, and resistant to Islamic immigration as “hate groups.” This includes the “Family Research Council,” affiliated with James Dobson of Focus on the Family. The FRC’s sin? They believe marriage is between a man and a woman only.

Hey, Christians, wake up!
Intolerance defines the Left — after decades of demanding toleration for their ideas, they are now intolerant of opposing ideas, designating them as “hate” and using their influence to force corporations (Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Google), universities, and governments to suppress ideas that challenge homosexuality, Islam, and Open Borders.

Hey, Christian, wake up!
They are coming for you. And they are going to pound you into the ground unless you actively support their pro-homosexuality and open borders agenda. Silence equals consent — you will either support them or be targetted. You are silent now, and getting away with it (or so you think) but that day is coming to an end.

Hey, Christian, wake up!
When you preach that a dead man named Mohammed was a false prophet and that Islam is, by definition, a rejection of Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life, whose blood alone atones for you sin, you become a “hate group,” intolerant, and an enemy of the Intolerant Left.

Hey, Christian, wake up!
Grow a pair. You either stand up and reject atheism, Islam, and homosexuality for your community and church; or you really have no social purpose as a Christian organization. “Helping the poor,” and “accepting” everyone is no substitution for preaching the Truth.

Hey Christian, wake up!
Your silence equals death to a Christian culture and Evangelism. Either you speak up and fight against evil (including homosexuality, transgenderism, Islam, and atheism) or you are part of the problem. Your silence is death to the Truth; who else is there to seek and speak the Truth other than the Church? That is your one and only mission If you deny the Great Commission, in what sense are you of any use? If there is no sin, there is no forgiveness for sin. If Jesus is one of many ways, then of what good was the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ? (If you doubt those truths, then I’m not speaking to you).

Hey, Christian, either you are going to stand up and fight, or you will simply become an extension of evil like the denominations that endorse homosexuality and accept the precepts of Islam as equal to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


A couple words about “white nationalism,” “white supremacy,” and “white separatism.”
These terms are used to impugn the reputation of people who simply dare to challenge the religious orthodoxy of multiculturalism which is interpreted, in practice, as anti-white. If someone’s message was anti-Black, the Left would have a general meltdown and gyrate around their pole of holier-than-thou self-righteousness and moral supremacy. Their righteousness is expressed by slandering dissenters and associating them with evil (Adolph Hitler). Why are you such fools as to fall into that trap? Are you afraid of their slander? Are you a coward?

• Men advocate for a Jewish state (Israel) and no one calls them “Jewish supremacists.”
• Native Americans advocate for their interests as a distinct bloodline and no one slanders them as Native Supremacists.
• Hispanics have large and successful movements like “The Race/La Raza” and the Chicano Student Movement for a Mexican Homeland called Aztlan ( a.k.a. MeChA) and no one calls them Hispanic Supremacists.
• Blacks can have “Black Lives Matter,” and Alpha Phi Alpha and no one calls them Black nationalists or supremacists.

I know a child who is entering college. At her college “United Men of Color” posters are everywhere, even in the office of the school counselor.

Should that group be defined as a “Colored Supremacist” group?
Or a “Male Supremacist” group?
The “Union of Men of Color” and the promotion of their identity and interests is endorsed by that college.
Can you imagine the outcry if the a counselor had a “United White Men” poster in her office? That would not only be racist, but misogynist.
But “United Men of Color” is endorsed.

  • Now, I’m all for a Jewish state (Israel).
  • I’m all for “United Men of Color.”
  • I’m all for the Church of Jesus Christ and the message that salvation from sin is available by and through, exclusively, the Blood of Jesus Christ, and there is no other way to God but through Him.
  • I’m all for certain bloodlines having their own laws and territories where other peoples are simply not welcome. These include (but are not limited to) Indian Reservations in the United States, and the State of Israel outside the United States.
  • I’m all for the Mexican bloodlines uniting as Mexicans and advocating for their racial and political interests.
  • Ditto for the Black Nationalists, Alpha Phi Alpha, and even the Nation of Islam. (as much as I hate Islam whose foundation is the denial of Jesus as the Christ).

    But by God Almighty, the Sons of Japeth ought to stand up and advocate for their own interests and to hell with those who slander them “racist.” The Jesus-hating Left can drop dead.

    When white people band together and recognize themselves as a unique and worthy bloodline (as everyone else does), the Left and the SPLC loose their s(tuff) and call for the government to persecute them and their ideas (and Christians think that somehow they’ll be immune to this?). Only Whites cannot say what Hispanics, Blacks, Jews, Native Americans, Asians and pretty much anyone else out there says. I won’t keep silent about the hatred and slander from the Left. I’m proud of my ancestors and my offspring and prefer them over all others — there is no reason to apologize for this (and neither should you, whomever your ancestor was).


    Wake up, Christian.
    You’re just as exclusive and “superior” as anyone else out there — know your Christian doctrine. It is through the blood of That Jewish Man alone that salvation is granted. Everyone else (including Mohammed) is a thief and a liar.

    Hey, Christian, wake up!
    Don’t you know that the idea of Salvation through the Blood of Jesus Christ alone is as evil to the Left as Adolph Hitler is? Don’t you realize that that the Bible is hate speech to the Left?

    How is it that in public schools the Ten Commandments are illegal while posters promoting homosexuality amongst 7th grade children are permitted?

    What profit is it to you to maintain your reputation with men who hate Jesus Christ?

    Wake up, Christian.
    The hour is late.
    Redeem yourself.
    Show yourself worthy, not unworthy
    Have courage.

    Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.

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