Hate and Sickness

Most people look around to see where the crowd is running and follow. 

Everyone has “scriptures” that guide them.  For some it’s the Washington Post. Or  Vogue magazine.  Or whatever is on CNN.  Or the sociology class they took decades ago. I would like to think that the writings that guide me most are old school, written in Hebrew and Greek.  Those writings are in the Bible.  No apologies.  

I hate the whiny freaks who say “you can’t say that!” and claim to be so tolerant and diverse.  I don’t believe in tolerance.  At least I’m not a hypocrite on that point.

How is it that people can look themselves in the mirror and say with a straight face that it’s good to cut off a man’s testicles, drill a hole, inject him with estrogen and then claim something good happened? That is really sick. 

I have no words sufficient to express my loathing for  the teachers, parents, counselors, professors, judges, and priests who tell little boys that it’s OK to be a girl and vice versa.   Hell will be uniquely terrible for those abusers of innocent children. 

How is it that all the major tech firms shut down political speech and no one complains?  Our leaders remain silent as “private companies” suppress dissent.  Rosa Parks rode on a private bus, the the Cafeteria sit-ins were at private businesses, and the  Hollywood black lists were at private businesses.   The Left raised a holy hell stink about those. But now that they have power they smugly shut down all dissenting options by calling it “hate.”  Not communism, but “hate.”    They used “tolerance” as a lever to to get their way and now they are crushing dissent.

Want to know who the real haters are? It’s the SPLC, the university professors, the Democrat party, and Apple and Google, and Twitter and YouTube and Paypal and anyone who calls people “haters” and “racist” and “intolerant.”  They are are the powerful who signal to the rest  who it is to revile and hate and reject.  Calling a man a racist is hate speech.

America has no idea how far it’s fallen.

And the Church remains largely silent because we don’t want to “offend.”  What good is the Church? 

Fritz W. Berggren, Ph.D.

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