Recommendation: “It Could Happen Here”

A recurring theme I ponder is where, how, and if Right and Left can meet and I seem to have found some overlap in a Podcast called “It Could Happen Here.

But first let me tell you about  a colleague who proudly proclaims to be an international socialist and yet we agree on so much.

I,  despite having spent almost all off my academic years imbibing in the Marxism of Latin American history, am profoundly reactionary (if you consider what I’ve written elsewhere on this blog).

Nevertheless, Mr. Socialist International and I, when projecting far enough into the future have some common conclusions.  In a nutshell, civilizational reset, which comes through wars and other disasters.   Not good news,  but not unexpected from thinkers who embrace the reality of history and don’t pretend that we are ever coming closer to an earthly nirvana or heaven on earth.  

I’m profoundly in doubt that Big Government (whether on a local or international scale) can “fix” anything.  (He, on the other hand, has great faith in the efficacy of government). As governments grow, they grow more.  And they crowd out the space  that non-governmental actors play in.     In the end, calls for an international order and universal human rights and so-called rule of law are just one group’s set of standard to be imposed across the board on all others.

And I reject that.   I have my own ideas of how to live and the standards for society. I would like to think that the world could be diverse enough to tolerate something other than that sort of universal world view propagated by the Secular Religious Order in the universities.   I reject their scriptures, priests and prophets (which are their academic journals, journalists and professors).  I have my own, thank you very much.

The creator of “It Could Happen Here” is also profoundly pessimistic about the near term prospects for America.   I’m left profoundly settled in the idea that, truly, “we just cannot get along” (the exact opposite of Rodney King’s plea) and his podcast makes a good case for that.  I’m left more convinced that when I talk of civil unrest, it is not just a figment of my over-active historical imagination — here is a writer and thinker who is coming from the opposite political pole who has reached the same conclusion: things are dicy going forward, better to start thinking and preparing for how this will play out.

Now, he doesn’t want it to be that way.  Nor do I.  But at some point one needs to realize that somethings hope a good plan and we ought well consider the worst case scenario.  He does an excellent job of of this.

Here are some of my thoughts on two or three episodes that I’ve listened to so far:

— Foremost, no individual (or even family) is safe alone.  Community is priority.  My hat is off to the Left for creating organized communities of action.  I think the Right has a long way to go on that one.  

  Having a firearm means having an option.  It isn’t a  magic talisman.  It doesn’t “do things.”  The Left is well aware of this and is preparing accordingly.   Folks on the Right who think the Lefties are unaware of firearms certainly have forgotten to read the history of Leftist insurrections of the 20th Century.

— The Left is  convinced in the rightness of their cause as passionately as the Right.  

— I was a bit amused by the creator talking about how “love is the opposite of fear,” and yet the vileness of his, and those he interviewed, words toward individuals on the Right certainly evinced no concept of love or reconciliation.  Rather I saw a complete dehumanization of their enemies.  This, of course, is the soil of domestic conflict.

— I commented to a friend about this podcast:  “The bad news is that he makes a very strong argument, from the Left, on why unrest will grow and there are a lot of themes and arguments shared by the Right and also by people also very much in the middle on this.”  This was not reassuring to me.

— I would have preferred someone to convince me that I am  completely unrealistic and blinded by my own biases.  Such was not the case; my concerns were validated by “This Could Happen Here.

A common factor is the underlying decay in the order of American civilization from the fragility of our “just in time” logistics chain .  Across the board I see a realization that it won’t take much to make it collapse.   When the food or money stops flowing the blood starts running.  It could be anything from rising sea levels, to economic collapse, to a global cooling and famine,  to attacks on the infrastructure.  It is fragile.   

Now, I doubt strongly that he and I will ever sit down over a beer and look for a way forward.   But I do have some recommendations.

  1. Local Power Trumps.  There HAS to be a way to separate and go our own direction.  If we don’t we have to fight.  I’d rather California and the State of Liberty both secede, for entirely different reasons, than force us to live with people who hate us.   Of course, Big Government, refuses to see its power reduced.  It is Brexit v. the EU, Catalonia v. Spain, Washington State v. Liberty State, Scotland v. the UK, Chechnya v. Russia, the Kurds v. Iraq,  and the list goes on forever.
  2. Transnational Corporations are the Enemy. From Occupy Wall Street to the Battle for Seattle, I think both Left and Right can  agree that those monsters do not have our interests at heart.  Monsanto is evil and so is Google.  Why am I buying tomatoes from Mexico when, for a few cents more, I can have locally greenhouse grown tomatoes right here in Colorado?  Buy local non-GMO farmed product.

Here’s one point we will not agree on, I think:

  1. Education.  In my mind, the Universities today are nothing more than the state supported propagation of religion.  Part of their religious credo is that they are not religious but all that does is camouflage a deep and internally inconsistent faith in the illegitimacy of faith.   All schools must be local. And that means the parents (not the teachers, not the union, not “educator approved experts” or “professionals” chose the teachers, curriculum and text books).  And if that means the Creation story of Moses is taught, well, then that’s what they get. If it means the book of Proverbs replaces an anti-bullying seminar, then so be it.  And vice versa, too.  But how due you cut that baby in half?   So far, the Christians have 100% surrendered the schools to their enemies and now we have a State supported official religion antithetical to Truth: Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

See?  That one’s pretty much impossible to agree on.

Unless, of course, we choose to go our own ways. Live and let live. But, I don’t think it is trending that way.  I’d love to have a conversation with someone on the Left who would agree to that.

I’ll close with an overused meme:  “Winter is Coming.”
Both Left and Right agree on that, too.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
10 June 2019

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