Mixing the Nations

The ongoing project of mixing White European nations appears, at first glance, to be a natural flow of people moving to a better life.  Perhaps that’s how it’s designed to be viewed —  the cult of “fairness” demands people accept this.

Upon deeper inspection it appears to be a migration driven by hidden and not so hidden actors.  From our wars, to George Soros, to the Pope, to Pueblo Sin Fronteras, legal help groups, the Democrat Party (who wants the votes), the Republican Party (who wants cheap labor) to the already embedded foreign peoples in Europe supporting the Leftist political parties, to virtually every university whose project it has been for a couple generations now (at least since the 1960s) to completely “de-construct” Western Civilization.

It’s working.

  The Whites are engaged in an orgy of self-loathing. They flagellate themselves with a kind of twisted moral posturing in which they demand our borders open to the “less fortunate” (anyone without “White Privilege”).  This makes them feel better. It makes them hate themselves just a little less.   And it will be their white children (if they have any) that will pay the price.

Now, the nexus of this rot is our Establishment of Religion, which is the secular universities (who cage themselves as irreligious, but that’s  just part of the doctrine of their religion).  Any distant observer will acknowledge that they wield all the accoutrements of religion (long black robes, funny square hats, and a religious ceremony to induct initiates into the faith).  They are fiercely orthodox and will crush anyone even thinking of challenging their credos of atheism and evolution and the derivative credos of pro-homosexuality, pro-abortion, transexualism, “equality,” and so on.   They used to preach a “truth” of moral abiguity and “the truth that there is no transcendent truth.”  People have been so hoodwinked by that sleight of hand they don’t even notice when their professors preach a hard and fast moral absolutism (equality, homosexuality, open borders, you name it) that they don’t realize that it used to be that “there is no moral truth!”

Read some feminist literature and you’ll find that the smartest of them acknowledge that this isn’t about Truth, it’s about Power.  

So that secular established religion, over which we have no control — it is a closed hierarchy – “established” a truth of equality and open borders by fiat.  They wrote some holy scriptures (their academic tomes), quote each other like a Baptist quotes the Bible, and call down the imprecations of damnation (like the Hebrew prophets of old) on the heretics.  “They are racists and haters,” they cry!   The demand we be expelled from our jobs and homes and schools and churches and even off the internet.

Christian, here is is a short version why your Scriptures reject open borders and the mixing of peoples:

The story of the Tower of Babel.  God hated the lack of diversity.  He hated the unified world government at Babel;  so he forced blood lines to separate by giving them diverse languages.  They had already rebelled against God’s command to spread out and fill the earth (by seeking to unify at Babel) and so the Almighty gave them a firm nudge, confused the languages, and off they went.

It remains a Satanic goal to re-unify rebellious mankind under whatever anti-Christ figures may emerge, whether a person or another collective.  It is this spirit that rages wildly now and ought best be resisted by Christians.

Should you think this was but a weird story from the old prophet Moses, consider this:

The story of the statue with the head of gold in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream tells of that later phase of history, after ages of degradation (from gold, then to silver, then to bronze, and finally to iron, which was then mixed with clay) when the bloodlines (nations) would be mixed — all thrust together — and then it would fall apart:

“Just as you saw that the feet and toes were partly of baked clay and partly of iron, so this will be a divided kingdom; yet it will have some of the strength of iron in it, even as you saw iron mixed with clay.  As the toes were partly iron and partly clay, so this kingdom will be partly strong and partly brittle. 43 And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.”(Daniel 2)

“It Will Not Remain United.”  Can you imagine the race wars that are coming our way?  All because we (the collective western world) are engaged in a project of self-immolation, the mxing of nations that can never yield peace.

To the Christians  I suggest the following:

1) Recognize that a lot of your thinking has been programmed by State supported Religious Establishment (the universities) and their evangelists (the media, from National Geographic to the nightly news).   It isn’t “science” (which just means knowledge), it is an entire faith based system (evolution is the belief that entropy works in reverse) full of inherent contradictions (professors saying there is no truth and yet demanded submission to their world view).

2) Let your mind be framed by the world view in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, including God’s intervention in history at Babel, to the Statue of History in Daniel Chapter 2.

3) For those if you confused by all this, consider even the Book of Acts when God gave the believers many diverse tongues to speak in — this was both a manifestation of what he did at Babel, and an establishment of the principle that He is still not interested in everyone speaking the same language.

4) If you think importing millions of Muslims and Africans and Asians and Latinos into this United States (or other primarily European Nations) will someone make the world a better place, I ask  you “upon what historical basis do you think this kind of nation mixing works?”  It was evil empires from Babylon to Yugoslavia that mixed nations/blood lines under one tyrannical government.  It was the old tactic of divide and conquer.  Has a mixed race American yielded a more pacific and unified peoples?  It’s chaos, hatred and guilt manipulation.  Doubling down to “make it work” is just another screw on the pressure cooker — when it blows it will really explode.

5) A nation-state cannot be all things to all people.  Either a nation will be free to build a civilization to the glory of God, by teaching the Bible in public and private, honoring the Ten Commandments, and respecting the preaching of the Gospel; or another False Religion (like our Established State Religion) in the universities will impose their tyranny upon our lives in our homes, in our churches, in our schools and force compliance of thought, word, and deed.   And they thought you that the Puritans were the morality police — the Puritans didn’t have a fraction of the control over people as our universities, corporate HR policies, the media and the Facebooks of the world have today.

Neutrality was never an option.  That was Satans’ deception. Too may believed it.  And now we are fighting for our existence.   Time to fight back by teaching and preaching the whole truth in every forum public and private and not worrying about the curses called down upon us by pagan religious leaders (this is done when “scholars and professors” denounce “racism,”  and “hate in all it’s forms.”)

Calling someone a racist is hate speech.  Get over it.  They are from a different religion.  Did you really expect them to be kind and gentle with you?  Toughen up.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
15 June 2019

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