The Proof of Truth Is Inherent in Language

My goal in writing is two fold: 

1) That I understand the Truth.
2) That others understand the Truth.

Writing is a mental process that forces a rigor of logic upon thought.  Thought without writing is less rigorous, less logical, less thorough and less self-critical.  Writing provides an immediate feedback loop regarding  precision of ideas and logical concepts.

I’ve written elsewhere that logic is non-existent without language and that the different languages provide a different filter of reality, logic and limitations to thought.  Here’s the link.

Truth is a conveyed belief that, in total, extends beyond one’s ability to independently ascertain.  By this I mean that I am not God — I don’t sit outside all of Creation in a position from which to judge what is true.

That I speak a language conveys the principle that Truth exists and that I am able to approach it in a meaningful way.  It doesn’t mean I can be omniscient, or even fully know that I am correct, but the very use of language is predicated upon it’s utility. 

Saying, “that is a rock,” is a meaningless statement if there is no truth — not if there is no rock — but if there is no truth.  That we use language at all is an acceptance (even if unconscious) that Truth exists and is worth pursing.

If two plus two is equally four, five, ten, and one and a thousand all at the same time, then arithmetic is useless and knowledge (part of Truth) is unobtainable.  That we use arithmetic is our assent to the belief in Truth and it is our proof that Truth does exist.

So where does one start?

Well, one starts with the language one has.

If one does not have a language, then thought and logic and rationality and precision are not possible and we would not be having this discussion even now.

I start with the language of the English.  It is a robust language — I am better at it than most.  

I suspect an illiterate English speaker (who can neither read nor write) is extraordinarily limited in his logic and rationality; (which is a good argument for requiring literacy tests before one can vote).

That Language itself both imposes and creates rationality is argument enough that rationality and logic are good things.   If one rejects logic and rationality, one should reject the use of language.  And if one rejects the use of language one should not complain when other’s rule the world.

The language I use itself conveys the idea that Truth exists and is worth pursing.

It is impossible not be believe Truth exists because I think in a sea of language  using  the very language my ancestors (and ultimately my Creator) passed down to me.  I cannot think outside of the languages I have.  

Language itself is proof that logic and rationality and Truth exist.  

One’s use of language is testimony to our acceptance of Truth as Truth.   One cannot use language and say “there is no truth,” that is illogical.  It is not only intellectual suicide, it is self-evidently untrue.

For those that do not believe in Truth, despite the evidence inherent in our use of language, they  have forfeited any logical or rational basis for questioning someone pursing Truth, or even questioning the validity of Truth.

Pseudo-intellectuals claiming “there is no Truth,” are doing something worse than contradicting themselves — they are annihilating their own statement and are testifying against themselves — their very statement is claim that Truth exists.

What is the ultimate Truth? It is language based.  It is the Word of God, Jesus Christ. (Isn’t it curious that he defines himself as the “Word of God”? How intellectually prescient, as if He knew it all along!) 

Jesus — the Word of God — is the One inter-locutor between God and Man, the Infinite and Finite, Wisdom and Folly, Knowledge and Ignorance.

Jesus Christ is THE LINK between these things.  

And He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

And that statement, above, in no way limits itself to religious emotionalism.

That statement needs to be interpretted in the most grand sense possible — as the most profound intellectual claim existing.   

Jesus Christ is not only the Truth, he is the Way to the Truth (the Word) and he is the Life, without which thought and intellect and curiosity mean nothing.

Intellectually, Truth cannot be approached without Word.
And that Word of God is Jesus Christ, who is God Incarnate.

Jesus is not just the Savior of a man’s soul and body on the Resurrection Day,  He is also the Savior of the Intellect.   We wash our minds with the Word of God.

Only Jesus, as the Word of God, the Logos, can link finite man with Infinite God.

He is not only the Creator of all, he is the intellectual link between knowledge from the Creator’s perspective and the very finite intellect of His creation.

All attempts to deprecate language (and therefore logic and rationality) deprecate Truth.

When people say that requiring the mastery of the English language is a tool of White Supremacy, I would say that Logica and Rationality are derivatives of language and that attacks on the requirement of literacy are really attacks on rationality and logic.  And they may even agree with me, but conclude  that logic and rationality are tools of intellectual colonization and supremacy and (illogically) should therefore be rejected.  

If people want to reject logic and rationality, by all means do so.  But that’s your problem, not mine, nor that of my people.  I’m not going to be an idiot and reject the language God gave me.  I’m going to develop and master those tools — and pass them on to my children.

A Christian Nation (bloodline) must prioritize the use of language and literacy (and therefore of logic and rationality).  The Primary body of literature that ought to form that basis of a nation’s intellectual life can be nothing other than the Bible. In it contains all the fundamentals of a successful nation.

If, in the long run, my descendants rule over yours (because you rejected an intellectual life) well, that’s too bad for your descendants.  But maybe they will be happier that way, until some rabble rouser stirs you up with emotion and rages (cries of “unfairness” and “racism” come to mind) and then we’ll start the cycle of hate and jealousy and covetousness all over again.

An intellectually superior people are people of the written word.  They shall rule.  God provided a written Word  — not images and pictures.  A people requires literacy or that will devolve into savagery, emotion and slavery.

It is not only your spiritual salvation, it is your intellectual salvation and, by extension, that salvation (or resurrection) of your culture or civilization.

You can’t get around this.   Wishing, emotionally, that things were  just different and that you did not have feelings of insecurity and inferiority is not a path to freedom.   If you are a mental slave (by rejecting logical and rationality — derivatives of language) then you shall remain physical and economic slaves as well.

Jesus Christ is not just the Savior of a man’s soul — he is the Way to the Truth and a glorious culture that could be if we ingest that Word of God and allow it to shape the thinking of nations/bloodlines.

God is Whole.  He isn’t there to  fill a niche in your heart.  He is God of everything (including that little niche) and limits of His rule do not exist.   No part of life has meaning outside of the Word of God because Language itself carries with it intellectual meaning.

All attempts to ghetto-ize Christianity are rebellion — Satanism.   

Any who uses the word “religious” has accepted a premise that things like a “belief in God” are inferior to philosophy and logic and rationality.  God isn’t a “religious” idea — God is the Creator of all and his His provision for Truth and Life are only in that Language, that Word, Jesus Christ.

There is no philosophy or logic or rationality without the very language God gave us and, ultimately, without that Word of God in its grandest sense.

Jesus Christ is Lord of All.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
27 June 2019

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