Theology 1: The Writings

Theology 1: The Writings

I’ve criticized the Church for having bad theology.  So if I know something they don’t what am I doing to fix the problem?  I’m going to write about theology, of course.

First, it is useful to understand the Bible as a collection of writings by different men in two different languages, Hebrew and Greek.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit?  Yes.  It is our intellectual link between the Eternal and Infinite and the mortal and ignorant.  

Every human consumes media.  We are not deaf and dumb and blind.  And everything we read and hear and watch changes us to some extent, for better or for worse.   To the extent that the Bible is consumed, we are changed for the better.  To the extent that we consume things antithetical to the Bible, it is for the worse if the Bible is not the bulwark against lies.

I understand better than most that we can read writings, such as Marxist theory, and it affirms our respect for the Truth as written in the Bible because we have the Bible to compare it against.  But many people have nothing to counter-act the lies spread by things that are just wrong.

How do we know what is wrong?

It isn’t the mind, that’s for sure.  I know a lot of people who thing it is OK to mutilate a male in order to make him more like a female.  And they think this is perfectly logical and rational. Perhaps the foundation of their logic is their faith in evolution (reverse entropy).  In that case, I acknowledge that it is exceedingly difficult to make any moral judgement at all.  If we are by products of time and chance, with no ultimate purpose or meaning, why not hack off one’s genitals?  Or commute whatever torture and mutilation possible?  

The purpose of the Scriptures is to provide a foundation for our thoughts.  They should frame our worldview, our mindset.  It should provide the broad backdrop of how we look at society.

Notice that I’m not saying every verse stands alone to be accepted “literally.”  (We’ll get to “literalism” later.)   The whole corpus, especially the Hebrew Scriptures, must frame our thinking and understanding.  This is not a matter of pulling out a scripture, nor a dozen, and building an argument for something.  The entire story must be engage our minds and either provoke new questions or frame them.

Many Christians frame social issues by presupposing as true ideas antithetical to the whole story of the Scriptures. 

The single more important idea ever  is Genesis 1:1: “In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Nothing in the Bible after this means anything at all if God is not the Creator.  If Jesus Christ was an accident, a byproduct of time and chance that emerged, meaningless, from atoms, then why bother?  Invent whatever fairly tale makes you feel good and never mind me.  

If humans “evolved” spontaneously and eons later we somehow learned to read and write, then the Scriptures aren’t any more important than any other book anyone wrote.  And this, of course, is exactly the position taken in the current Establishment of Religion.

All theology revolves around the Creation by God of a perfect world and the ensuing corruption of that world when Adam and Eve sinned.   If you don’t accept this, then you are like the pop singer called Madonna who wears a Cross medallion around her neck.  It is like  putting a golden ring in a pig’s snout.   Believing in evolution is a fundamental error.  From this error comes every other error.  If you side-step Genesis 1:1, then you are intellectually lost and have no foundation.  How is the world to know the Truth if the Church doesn’t even believe it?

God created the world and make it perfect.  Sin entered in and corruption ensued to all of the Earth.  The Redeemer came to redeem us from sin and corruption.  But if the world is getting better and better (evolution), then for what purpose do we need a Redeemer?

This isn’t about religious sentimentalism.  It is about Truth.  Either entropy works in reverse (evolution) or In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth.  Period.  You can’t spit that baby.

When churches try to accomodate Satan’s lies (like the lie that entropy works in reverse) they don’t make themselves more acceptable — they undermine their own validity.  They are internally inconsistent. They are corrupt and cannot change a culture — they will simply become props to justify a Satanic culture much like the Cross Madonna wears around her neck. That’s where were are today and that’s why the Churches simply do not make a positive difference in the culture of America.

( Coming up: Part Two: Adam, and then Eve).

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