Stop Fighting History and Logic

It isn’t natural  to mix peoples who are loyal to foreign languages, lands, bloods and gods.  It doesn’t work —  if to work means peace and harmony.  Mixing African or Asian Muslims with European progressives isn’t working in Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Germany or France.  Why do people  ignore the evidence in front of their face?

Are people dense?
Or are they brainwashed?

They are brainwashed.  To actually use one’s brain and question the mixing of peoples is to violate one of the precepts of this late pagan religion (called the ‘modern liberal order’); that precept being that “we really all can get along — and if you don’t believe it you’re just an ignorant racist.”

No one likes to be a “racist,” so they run in fear, and cower, and obey, and turn their brain off.   We really are just sheep — unthinking and fearful.

The writings of Moses and the Prophets — the Hebrew Scriptures — tell me that our Creator never intended us to be mixed and went so far as to divide mankind by language, blood, times and boundaries (Genesis 10 and Acts 17:26).  

Stop fighting history and logic.
Accept what’s already been told to you.
Stop fearing man.

Be bold. Be a rebel. Think different.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
24 July 2019

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