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Month: August 2019

Misconceptions about a Christian State

Misconceptions about a Christian State

Let’s clear up a few “fears” about living in a place that would be a “Christian Nation/State.”

Fear #1. I don’t want anyone to tell me what to do.

A young man once told me that he didn’t want to join the military because he “didn’t want anyone to tell him what to do.” I felt the same way when I was a young man.

But one quickly realizes how little independence is allowed in this world. When you are child your parents (hopefully) told you what to do. When you are in school, the teachers give you all kinds of ridiculous rules to follow and even tell you to stop talking. (And God help you if you say anything politically incorrect.)

There is a brief time in a life — out of Dad’s house, semi-employed, perhaps in college — when you really have no one telling you what to do. It’s a great time, if also a time of relative penury. Yet there, we regulate our activities so as to keep  our grades decent and out of jail. And, these days, there’s a great deal of self-censorship in college.

And then you either create your own business, and your customers rule you with an iron fist (anyone who has started and run their own business can tell you this — even your employees will have more freedom), our you become employed, and your boss tells you what to do and not do eight hours a day.

And if you want to live in a house or apartment, you are told to work forty hours a week to pay for rent, utilities, food, car payments, cell phone and Internet. And taxes.

I don’t know where people get it in their mind that somehow America is a “free country.” Perhaps it used to be, but those days are long gone. You pay rent to the government (taxes on your real property) and outrageous fees for things like water (in my town it is illegal to collect water off my own roof).

Ahh, but some of you will say “that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m saying I don’t want anybody imposing their morality on me!”

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Article from PCR

Article from PCR

From Paul Craig Roberts:

CNN former host Reza Aslan, now a professor at the University of California, tweeted:

“The President is a white nationalist terror leader. His supporters—ALL OF THEM—are by definition white nationalist terror supporters.  The MAGA hat is a KKK hood.  And this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society.”

How can it be that Trump wanting to enforce US law inspires a person to shoot Hispanics, but Aslan’s call to eradicate all Trump supporters doesn’t inspire a person to attack Trump supporters? Why wasn’t Aslan disciplined by the University of California for his hate speech?  Why wasn’t he blocked by Twitter?

How can NBC Universal’s film, “The Hunt,” produced by Jason Blum, a Jew, depict liberal elites hunting and killing “Trump deplorables” for sport and escape the charge of hate speech and encouraging deadly violence against half of the US population?

If wanting to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants encourages Americans to shoot Hispanics, how much violence is encouraged by a movie in which Trump supporters are hunted and shot? There is scant complaint about Israel’s wall that keeps Palestinians out of their own country. Try to imagine someone making a film about hunting Jews for sport and calling it a satire.

Clearly in the Western media and US Democratic Party it is open season on all white people.  The most intense hatred is expressed against them—even calls for their extermination—and it doesn’t qualify as hate speech or encouraging violence.

The hatred and demonization of white people in America is no different from the propaganda against Jews in the Third Reich.  Yet not a single member of the Democratic Party or American print, TV, and NPR radio protests.

That fact tells us all we need to know.  If white people don’t get organized and defend themselves there is likely to be a white holocaust.

Growing Soil — Gardening Nations

Growing Soil — Gardening Nations

I’ve lamented the fact that I’m good at killing things (like deer and elk) but very poor at growing things (like a vegetable garden).  My chickens, egg layers, did well.  But I’ve yet to produce anything close to a garden that I’m proud of.

I’ve wanted to give up and say “well that’s just not my thing.”  But I keep going.  Something inside of me says “you’re not complete until you can grow tomatoes and potatoes.”   So I keep going.  

By now I should have learned some things.  And I have.

Lesson #1.  Before you can grow plants, you have to grow soil.

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The Problem With Hate Crimes

The Problem With Hate Crimes

I don’t know what a Hate Crime is.   I hate Islam. I hate self-emmasculation (sex change operations).  I hate the rape of children.  I hate Satan, who would destroy all of Adam’s children.   Am I guilty of a crime? Should I be punished?

What is hate? It can be an emotion.  Hatred can be an intense emotion beyond cold reason.  Or it may be just an expression of profound disagreement, as in “I hate Islam” or “I hate Marxism.”   

What is a hate crime? Is killing a teenager for his tennis shoes a lesser evil than a Black man killing a White cop because the cop is White?

I would say, “no.”  Murder is murder regardless of the motivation.  Killing a man for his tennis shoes is as bad as killing a man because he is White or Black or Gay or Christian or Muslim.

Crimes are only punishable, in the Bible, for actions witnessed by two people.  People can witness acts of murder. No one can witness  an inner state of the soul.   Hatred is not a crime in the Bible. Adultery is.  Murder is.  Theft is.  Even breaking the Sabbath is.  But not hatred.

America is full of people that hate. Listen to ex-President Obama; it is certain he hates a lot of Americans — White Christian Americans that believe in God, Guns, and Strong Borders. Obama engages in hate speech by slandering these Americans — he calls them “racists,” an overt expression of hatred and slander.

But that should not be a crime.  

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Calling Someone A Racist IS Hate Speech

Calling Someone A Racist IS Hate Speech

I asked a person of color,  what does racist mean?” after he commented unfavorably on some of my views.

He said, “it means that you hate somebody because they have a different skin color.” 

He was careful to define it as narrowly as possible because he was aware (from talking to me) of the abuse of the term, in that it is used to slander anyone at any time if they are White and don’t fully buy into the political views of the Left.

So let’s work through his definition of racist.  I mean, who hates people just because of different pigmentation?  I’ll readily admit I prefer straight fine hair over kinky hair — am I a “hair-ist?” or a “racist?”  Is it a crime to prefer straight over curly hair? Or is that line only crossed when going from curly to kinky hair?  These preferences do not conform to the definition of racist as hating a different pigmentation zone.

The killer in El Paso made zero reference to skin color in his alleged manifesto.  He didn’t like global warming, robotics, or illegal aliens. Zero reference to skin pigmentation. 

When Hitler gassed the Jews, it wasn’t because of skin color.  Lots of Jews have blond hair and blue eyes — beautiful people some of them.

And who won’t use Aunt Jemima syrup on their pancakes?

I’m being silly because it is all silly.  There are no significant number of people who dislike people ONLY BECAUSE they are differently pigmented.  Not even Adolph Hitler conforms to that definition of racism.

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