Calling Someone A Racist IS Hate Speech

I asked a person of color,  what does racist mean?” after he commented unfavorably on some of my views.

He said, “it means that you hate somebody because they have a different skin color.” 

He was careful to define it as narrowly as possible because he was aware (from talking to me) of the abuse of the term, in that it is used to slander anyone at any time if they are White and don’t fully buy into the political views of the Left.

So let’s work through his definition of racist.  I mean, who hates people just because of different pigmentation?  I’ll readily admit I prefer straight fine hair over kinky hair — am I a “hair-ist?” or a “racist?”  Is it a crime to prefer straight over curly hair? Or is that line only crossed when going from curly to kinky hair?  These preferences do not conform to the definition of racist as hating a different pigmentation zone.

The killer in El Paso made zero reference to skin color in his alleged manifesto.  He didn’t like global warming, robotics, or illegal aliens. Zero reference to skin pigmentation. 

When Hitler gassed the Jews, it wasn’t because of skin color.  Lots of Jews have blond hair and blue eyes — beautiful people some of them.

And who won’t use Aunt Jemima syrup on their pancakes?

I’m being silly because it is all silly.  There are no significant number of people who dislike people ONLY BECAUSE they are differently pigmented.  Not even Adolph Hitler conforms to that definition of racism.

So what is a racist?

A racist is someone you want to destroy.  A racist is someone you want to slander.  A racist is a person whose political views disagree with your own, so you slander them with the accusation of the greatest sin of the modern era.  

Every Republican candidate for President in the last thirty years has been called a “racist” by the usual suspects.  Why? Because it works! Slander works!  Americans are terrified of being called a “racist.”  We are so morally insecure that we need, inside ourselves, to justify our existence and earn moral plaudits from “others” by denouncing something or someone we can’t even define.   

That alone is demonstrative of the lack of candor and confidence that accompanies this swift decline of the Republic.  We wallow is cesspools of self hatred and call it good.  This is a cancer not readily cured.

Defining racism is chasing after smoke and trying to put it in a jar.  It can’t be done.

In our sick world, only White people can be racist.  They say that White people cannot be not racist.  This moral imperative was created by professors in the universities (who are the de-facto religious leaders of our society) and we accept  as true what our religious leaders tell us.  To reject this truth  is to become a heretic, an outcast, an unbeliever, a sinner, and subhuman.  It is to be outside of their control.

The foolish White says “I’m not racist because . . . .”   

They laugh at you. They mock you.  They ridicule you.  They smirk and smile as you abase yourself for a crime you’ve never committed other than being White.

Never say “I’m not a racist!”  
Because when you do, they win. 

They win because you’ve accepted their assumptions, and at that point the argument is lost; they keep the term imprecise so that they can destroy anyone they politically disagree with.

This is Lesson #1 for any intelligent person.  Learn it.

They control you by manipulation.  Don’t cede ground t in order to gain their love and acceptance — you just continue your own slavery. Freedom begins in the mind.

Calling someone a “racist” is hate speech.  Wake up.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
5 August 2019


“The Truth is, your political opponents call you curse words (racist, sexist, Islamophobic, etc.) in order to crush you.

It is the pugil stick over the pen,
the sucker punch over intelligence,
brutality over reason —
the purpose is to dehumanize without any requirement for logic.

Calling a white man a racist is no more — or less — legitimate than calling a non-White a racial epithet; to allow a man to call you a “racist” isn’t any more acceptable than a black man allowing someone to call him a denigrating name.

The Black would take offense — as they should. It’s time for Whites to take the same offense an be willing to respond appropriately.”

We are done tolerating this abuse. Either this works both ways or it doesn’t work at all.”

What they fear is that we wake up and realize this, and that’s what is happening now, and it is revolutionary.”

— Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.

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