The Problem With Hate Crimes

I don’t know what a Hate Crime is.   I hate Islam. I hate self-emmasculation (sex change operations).  I hate the rape of children.  I hate Satan, who would destroy all of Adam’s children.   Am I guilty of a crime? Should I be punished?

What is hate? It can be an emotion.  Hatred can be an intense emotion beyond cold reason.  Or it may be just an expression of profound disagreement, as in “I hate Islam” or “I hate Marxism.”   

What is a hate crime? Is killing a teenager for his tennis shoes a lesser evil than a Black man killing a White cop because the cop is White?

I would say, “no.”  Murder is murder regardless of the motivation.  Killing a man for his tennis shoes is as bad as killing a man because he is White or Black or Gay or Christian or Muslim.

Crimes are only punishable, in the Bible, for actions witnessed by two people.  People can witness acts of murder. No one can witness  an inner state of the soul.   Hatred is not a crime in the Bible. Adultery is.  Murder is.  Theft is.  Even breaking the Sabbath is.  But not hatred.

America is full of people that hate. Listen to ex-President Obama; it is certain he hates a lot of Americans — White Christian Americans that believe in God, Guns, and Strong Borders. Obama engages in hate speech by slandering these Americans — he calls them “racists,” an overt expression of hatred and slander.

But that should not be a crime.  

Should Obama incite Anti-Fa to kill those Americans based upon his own slander and hatred, the crime of murder only should be prosecuted, not a  hate crime, and not a crime of the inner state of mind.

America has lost its moorings because it bought into a false narrative — which is any narrative contrary to, or out of synch with, the narrative offered in the Holy Scriptures.  In the Greek scriptures, Jesus Christ called the Pharisees sons of Satan.  Is that not hate speech?  Jesus Christ would be punished by the modern days Sons of Satan just as he was punished two thousand years ago by those same Satan worshippers.  In the end, God Almighty will damn people to hell — surely that is a hate crime in Satan’s mind.  But not in mine.

  The problem with the Holy Scriptures is that they form a unique and whole world view — The Truth.   Satan hates the Truth (which is Jesus Christ, the Word of God).  And so Satan and his minions have outlawed the Holy Scriptures from our schools and the public sphere.  Satan inspires his own scriptures and his priests and prophets (today’s university Professors) write them down and quote them each other (in their footnotes) like Baptists quote Scripture.

A false religion and false scripture have replaced the Word of God in this age.

 It is NOT the job a Christians to say why the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures agree with the writings inspired by Satan (such as the theory of Evolution).   There is no way to reconcile the Bible and the writings of Atheists and Satan worshippers.  Christians cannot please God and the Satan worshippers. To please the Satan worshippers is to commit treason against our king – it is the ultimate betrayal. 

The beauty of today’s world is that the line between what is True and false has never been greater.  This shouldn’t be difficult for the Christian.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
5 June 2019

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